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  1. Can anyone post a photo of the location and what the VIN looks like on the frame of a 1929 Chrysler 77? I just finished the brake job and need to take it to CA dmv and get the vin verified but still can't find it.
  2. I am rebuilding my wheel cylinders. I got the parts from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts. There website is, I just bought the kit for mine and that was $12 for each one,but they sell the whole assembly for my car for $48.00. I am not doing anything with my master cylinder. It looks like your car uses the same wheel cylinders as mine. The master cylinder for your car is $145 and the kit to rebuild it is $29.50.
  3. Thanks for all the info.I found the fittings on the axle. There was no fluid leaking from the seal so I think I will just grease it up and rebuild the wheel cylinders and put it back together.
  4. I am doing a brake job on the Chrysler 77. While I have it apart I decided I might as well clean check and repack all the bearings. I would like to grease the axle bearing but would like to know if I take out the bolts on the rear backing plate that hold in the axle will it just pull out? Are there any problems or tricks in just sliding it back in once I grease the bearings?
  5. The seals looked good should I replace them or just reuse?
  6. DJA8 and DJA9 Thanks I thought they were . The bolt holes on the front to bolt to the backing plate are 1.5 inches apart and the rear are 1.75 inches center to center I was able to measure the back ones from the outside of the backing plate.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the front and rear brake cylinders are the same on this car. I have the front ones off and want to order all four of them but I am waiting for a tool I ordered from Amazon to pull the rear drums. Also where is the best place to get the wheel cylinders. Numbers look like 9935 U
  8. Thank you for that information. It is so interesting learning all these little things. Do you know a resource I can use to find all this information. Web site, book, articles.
  9. Mine has vents on the sides of the hood. The one in the picture looks like it is solid with some trim pieces.
  10. I think it looks better without but I do have some small dents where they would have been.
  11. Can you tell me if the engine is the right one for this car? Where can I get one of the repro chrysler tag?
  12. I can’t believe the information I have received on just a few letters and numbers and how quickly I got it. I am having so much fun with this car. Yes it runs very well and I am amazed at the attention it gets. The interior needs to be completely done. The person I bought it from removed all of the panels and the headliner. Left the seats and windows in it so I can drive it. The good thing was he labeled every panel and I could see the wood to make sure it was all in good shape. He also put new wiring and tires on it. I don’t know if there is more information to be learned with the engine number but here it is. (W16912 ) Not sure if it is the original engine for the car. Yes it is beautiful here in Carlsbad CA. And it’s perfect for the classic car lover.
  13. Thank you so much for the info.l will continue to look for the one on the frame until my 30 days is up. At least I have something to tell CHP if I can’t find it.
  14. Thank you for the information. I don’t know what the hte serial number is. I see the C1and the CW but I don’t see a 35. Can you tell me where I find the 35 so I can tell the CHP where to look for it. I put a picture of the title with the VIN number. I deleted the previous owners name because I did not know if he would want it out there.
  15. The person I purchased it from referred to it as an Imperial 77. It has a 77 on the cross bar between the head lights. The title just says Chrysler sedan. I can’t find the number on the frame or as you can see from the photos there is no number on the dash plaque or the tag on the firewall. I do know the one on the title is not the one on the engine. I’ve included some pictures of the car from all angles if anyone can tell me if it is an Imperial or a 77 that would be appreciated. Thank you for welcoming me to the club. I am looking forward to talking ang getting information from all.