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  1. Thanks for all the information and interest on this engine. I would like to let you know it is not for sale anymore. It has found a new home.
  2. Thats a good Idea. I felt so stupid when I figured it out . It was so simple.
  3. Yes i was referring to the little clips. Thank you for your help. After a couple of beers and some small rust marks on the glass i found, I was able to figure out how it went back together. I don't know why I thought the headlight went behind the clips too. I can't say how great the people on this site are when you have a problem. Thanks again.
  4. I stripped my car down for paint about two months and thought I took pictures of everything I needed to reassemble it. Well I guess I guess I wrong. I've been standing at my bench for the better part of an hour now and I can't figure out how to attach the glass and the headlight to the ring. Can anyone tell me how they go together or better yet send me a photo?
  5. Thank you for the information. I hope someone can use it or parts from it.
  6. I will go look at it and post. Any info is appreciated.
  7. Thanks I think it is actually a 1930 but it was built late 1929 so that is what is on the title. Thanks for the info.
  8. I’m in San Diego CA. I would like to get $600 for everything you see in the picture including the rolling stand. I will help with shipping if needed.
  9. 1929 Chrysler 77 engine and transmission. Was running when pulled about 8 years ago. Complete engine with all parts. If it’s in the picture it for sale. Willing to sell separate parts. Let me know what you need or if you have any questions.
  10. Can anyone post a photo of the location and what the VIN looks like on the frame of a 1929 Chrysler 77? I just finished the brake job and need to take it to CA dmv and get the vin verified but still can't find it.
  11. I am rebuilding my wheel cylinders. I got the parts from Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts. There website is, I just bought the kit for mine and that was $12 for each one,but they sell the whole assembly for my car for $48.00. I am not doing anything with my master cylinder. It looks like your car uses the same wheel cylinders as mine. The master cylinder for your car is $145 and the kit to rebuild it is $29.50.
  12. Thanks for all the info.I found the fittings on the axle. There was no fluid leaking from the seal so I think I will just grease it up and rebuild the wheel cylinders and put it back together.
  13. I am doing a brake job on the Chrysler 77. While I have it apart I decided I might as well clean check and repack all the bearings. I would like to grease the axle bearing but would like to know if I take out the bolts on the rear backing plate that hold in the axle will it just pull out? Are there any problems or tricks in just sliding it back in once I grease the bearings?
  14. The seals looked good should I replace them or just reuse?