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  1. Hi and thanks to all of you who took your time to help us with this. I spent more time in the Archives and have a bit more info on the cars. The model A touring was customized by the owner, Nathan Paine. Story has it that he had his name/initials engraved around the radiator trim. He also requested that the rear side window be made smaller as to lessen the amount of glass, with the idea that the passengers inside wouldn't be "looked at". The seats were also modified to be lower as his wife Jessie was of short stature. (Jessie was Jessie Kimberly Paine, of the Kimberly family... Kimberly-Clark corporation) He also requested that the spare tires be lowered into the front fenders as to 'streamline' the side view of the car, The other Duesenberg was a roadster: motor 1049, trans 1049, Rear axle 1054, chassis 643, steering gear 1374, generator 2370024, carburetor 1675232 and was bodied by Graff, Michigan ave, at 32 st, Chicago. possibly a model D????? The Paine Art Center & Gardens Archive folders for Nathan Paine's Duesensbergs has an unbelievable amount of correspondence between Nathan Paine and the various Sales Managers, there is also an ORIGINAL instruction manual for the Straight 8, a spec sheet and an oiling guide, plus 'blue prints' for the Touring and I think diagrams for the Roadster. I've read that often owners donated their cars for the steel to the war effort, but given the depth and quantity of correspondence regarding these cars and the personal involvement that Nathan Paine gave to these building projects, it would seem unlikely to me that he would give these up to be used for scrap. So I am hoping that someone, somewhere has them and is giving them the care they deserve.
  2. I am a member of the Paine Art and Garden Center www.thepaine.org in Oshkosh, Wi. The family (Nathan and Jessie Paine, Paine Lumber Co.) that donated the building/grounds left much paperwork and documents. Among them are two titles for Duesenbergs that the Paines had. We would appreciate any help in decoding/figuring out the serials so that we can possibly get a visual idea of what the cars looked like. Also going to check your Duesenberg forum.
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