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  1. Finally got into the trunk. Haven’t really had time to work on it.
  2. Anyone have a source for replacement parts? I found bobs memorabilia and of course eBay. I started disassembly this weekend and was thinking about some of these unique parts and where to get them. (just found )
  3. He keyed the key from the glovebox lock. I did try pushing it in and pulling it out a little at a time. Good point on the graphite, I’ll give your advice a shot this weekend. The lock is free inside the door, I can lock it and unlock it manually. I’ll have more time next week, if I can’t get it to work I’ll take him the lock off the door.
  4. I sprayed some graphite into the lock and it didn’t help.
  5. Took the glovebox lock to a locksmith and he made me some keys, but they will not work on the trunk or the doors. I’m going to pull one from the door when I get a chance and take it to him. I did manage to pull the rear seat out and looked into the trunk. Found the missing wheel, the other 3 wheel covers and a valve cover. Dont see me getting a lot done this week because of work and the cold weather, I don’t like cold weather, but I’m off most of next week and all weekend.
  6. Are there clips holding the door panels on? i took the screws out and it feels like it’s still on there pretty tight along the edges.
  7. I have a lead on an engine locally, of all the places it’s my sisters boyfriend. And we notice this, what is it?
  8. Amazing job!!! jackofalltrades and oldtank ive gotten several how much did you pay for it, yesterday I was told I would die before I finished and my grandkids would have to finish it. Its a little overwhelming sitting back and looking at everything. First step is get brakes freed up and decide which power plant to get.
  9. Yes, I live just west of Chattanooga. thanks for the words of support and encouragement, I’m not getting a whole lot of that from friends and family right now. The body is actually in pretty good shape but it has been sitting a long time, it’s just going to take some time. I won’t be buying a whole lot for it until after Christmas.
  10. I got it home tonight, one problem I have is I can’t get in the trunk, no keys. Where’s the best place to get a lock with keys? Or is it possible to take the serial number and have keys made from that?
  11. Unfortunately no engine, I would prefer the straight 8, I might see if I can find one
  12. She went from driving a 2012 Mazda 3 hatchback with all the bells and whistles to a 2000 Honda Accord with a 5 speed. It was “my turn” to get a new to me vehicle last year and SHE decided that we didn’t need a car payment I could just put a new engine in my 2001 Dakota, but she didn’t get her hands dirty for her decision. back to the Buick, i guess a small block Chevy, for cost reasons. We’re going to bring it home Sunday, then start tearing it apart. My goal is to have it driveable in time for the Coker Tire Cruise In this spring.
  13. Her complaint was because she’s driving a “piece of crap”, if she would stop wrecking her cars she would have a nice one. If not for her I would still have my 69 Camaro, shell get over it. ?
  14. Bought me a Buick today, wife is NOT happy. Next step is getting it home this weekend and then begins the work.