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  1. Hello, My name is Mark, I am 17 and am completely in love with my 1986 Lincoln Town Car! It rides like a dream, and is huge and bulky just how I like it. There are a few things I want to change, but for this post I want to discuss replacing the trunk with one from a Lincoln Continental. I like the trunk design of them more, the big bulge where the tire sits is very appealing- it has that sort of classic vibe instead of the kind of flat design that my lincoln sports. Would doing something like this be possible? What year continental should I look for to salvage the trunk? I'm open to doing a little modifications to both my car and the trunk piece if necessary, there is no way it would just fit automatically. I heard once that there was a kit for this, but I am not able to find any information on it. Thanks for your help, Mark
  2. Hello I am 17, and am looking to buy a new car. I had a dodge challenger, but I wrapped it around a tree in a recent accident, and I need a new car to start college with. I found a very good deal for a 1986 Lincoln Town car with low miles on a local listing site, but it is in kind of rough shape. The dashboard is cracked up, and the plastic paneling for the door on the driver's side interior is almost destroyed. Where would I get a new part to replace the door piece, and what would I do for the dashboard? I'm sorry if I am asking easy questions, but I don't know a lot about cars yet- though I am eager to learn! Any information would be greatly appreciated, Mark Robuck