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  1. These are actually the same item, just relisted. he only has 1 and it is close but does not have the setback post.
  2. I am looking for a pair of top rest saddles for our 1923 Dodge Touring Car. My Dad bought it 40 years ago and parked it not too long after that. My Mom bugged him ever since to get it going again but he never did. He passed in 2010 and a few years ago a buddy of mine and I got Baby (mom named it that since I was a kid) going and surprised Mom with it in a parade. Unfortunately we never knew that it was supposed to have top saddles or what those even were until the top bounced enough that it ripped all the tacks out and dropped on the spare. So now that i know what i need, i need to find a good pair. Please let me know if you have a pair. Thanks in advance. Pics of what I need attached.
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