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  1. Looking for an original 1955 chevy pickup front suspension setup in nice condition. Axle, drums, brakes, steering etc... These setups are usually swapped out and tossed to the side. Let me clean out your garage. Lol. Will be at Hershey 2019!! Let's make a deal, thank you in advance.
  2. Looking for an original trunk lid for a 1931 GM. Chevy, Pontiac, Olds or base model Buick. Thank you!! Will be a Hershey and TROG.
  3. Thank you! It looks in great shape too, but still looking for a 64 or 5...Thanks again!!
  4. Looking for an all original or completely restored stock 1964 Chevelle 4 Door. Please send me any leads, thank you.
  5. Still looking for a trunk lid, please help to locate or any leads. Thanks!!
  6. Trunk lid wanted, please help with any leads. Thanks!!
  7. Please help me locate a Rumble Seat Lid. Fits Pontiac, Chevy and Olds. Thanks!
  8. Please help me locate a rumble seat lid. It fits Chevy, Pontiac and Olds for 1931 and 1932. Thank you
  9. Good Evening, I'm looking for an original rumble seat lid and hardware/parts for a 31 or 32 Chevy, Olds, Pontiac and possibly smaller series Buick. Please reply or PM with lid and parts. Thank you.
  10. Still looking if anyone has any leads..Thank you!
  11. Still looking if anyone has any leads..Thank you!