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  1. Happy New Year! I'm just following up to see if you captured some pictures. Please let me know. Thank you, Kyle
  2. Thank you! I don't have the measurements right now but if you can send me a picture, I can tell right away. You can text me the pics if it's easier. 908-432-9539 Thanks again! Kyle
  3. I've been searching for a rumble seat trunk lid for a 1931/32 Chevy, Pontiac or Olds for quite sometime. Anyone have any leads? Any condition will do! Please PM me, thank you!
  4. Thanks guys! I've seen these both on the big internet sites. Anyone parting with one from their personal collection? Thanks again for your replies!
  5. Serious buyer for a fully restored 1971 or 72 Suburban. Please let me know. Finders Reward will be given to any leads that end in the purchase. I'm not a dealer! This is for my personal use and enjoyment. Thank you so much and have great 4th of July!
  6. Im looking for a pair of original spotlights for my 1954 Chevy. I believe they were made by Guide. I was told they were either model S18 or S16. Maybe some one here can chime in and help identify which is correct? I need them to be complete with correct mounting hardware. Are there any NOS ones still out there? Any leads are really appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Looking for an original 1955 chevy pickup front suspension setup in nice condition. Axle, drums, brakes, steering etc... These setups are usually swapped out and tossed to the side. Let me clean out your garage. Lol. Will be at Hershey 2019!! Let's make a deal, thank you in advance.
  8. Looking for an original trunk lid for a 1931 GM. Chevy, Pontiac, Olds or base model Buick. Thank you!! Will be a Hershey and TROG.
  9. Thank you! It looks in great shape too, but still looking for a 64 or 5...Thanks again!!
  10. Looking for an all original or completely restored stock 1964 Chevelle 4 Door. Please send me any leads, thank you.
  11. Still looking for a trunk lid, please help to locate or any leads. Thanks!!
  12. Trunk lid wanted, please help with any leads. Thanks!!
  13. Please help me locate a Rumble Seat Lid. Fits Pontiac, Chevy and Olds. Thanks!
  14. Please help me locate a rumble seat lid. It fits Chevy, Pontiac and Olds for 1931 and 1932. Thank you
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