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  1. Thanks for all of the advice. The 1940 Studebaker was purchased in WI and the title transferred to MN at the time of purchase. The WI title had this number on it. The MN DMV said I needed to Bond the car, whatever that means in order to sell it. Still researching.
  2. I have a car with a VIN on the title that does not match any numbers on the car. I have been told that cars produced before a certain date (this one is from 1940) did not have VINs. I have the original sale paperwork saying the car had no VIN and also the paperwork from when it was titled in Minnesota in 2007. It appears that when it was titled, someone (presumably someone from the DMV) added a number to the title as the VIN is not in the original purchaser's (my dad's) handwriting. I have received advice from an auction house saying I should print a tag at a jeweler and attach it to the car in order to sell it as this has been a common problem for classic cars aand there is a federal law allowing this practice. "As long as there is a number on the car that matches the title, it can sell." Does anyone know if this is correct?