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  1. My family and I are creating a scholarship fund in memory of my late uncle whom passed on too early in life from saliva cancer. We are planning a community event as a way to establish funds to aid in creation scholarship(s) for the community in which he lived. We would like to have a car show at our event, but we are wanting to know from the classic car community tips and suggestions on creating a successful show. Do we charge an entry fee? If an entry fee is charged, how much is an acceptable amount to charge? Are awards/prizes typical in a car show (Best in Show, Honorable Mention, etc.)? What is the best way to get info out to find people to show their cars? Is there a better time of year (event will be held in North Central Indiana)? My uncle gave his life to the community he lived in- he lived to serve others. Our scholarship fund in his honor is our way of keeping his spirit alive. It is our best intentions to make this successful as possible and enjoyable for all the participants involved. Any suggestions, tips, and/or responses are greatly appreciated.
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