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  1. Stude17, I looked up the Stoddard-Dayton engines and they are by far the closest to this one. Oil pan is same type, mounting pads on the block are similar, flywheel and clutch are similar. I looked at the '07 K, the '08, and the '11 mod 30 and all have similar type parts but not an exact match. It sure looks like someone copied a lot of Stoddard-Dayton ideas.
  2. Hi Jon, You are correct, it is an F 2. I took if off so I could see the back side better. Here are the pics. Do you have any info on the F 2? Thanks, Steve
  3. The flywheel is a one-piece casting with no retainer plate. It has been machined on both the inside and outside. The bolts have been cut off flush with the nuts but so have a lot of the bolts holding this engine together. The bore is 3" and stroke is 3-1/2". Quite small, maybe a cyclecar engine? Or maybe just a blacksmith built engine. The brass castings appear to have been machined with a file. Thanks, Steve
  4. At this point we don't know. All opinions are greatly appreciated. Was told by the previous owner that it was from a car in Illinois and was a spare engine that was only test run and stored for later use in the car. If you have any input I would love to hear it. Thanks, Steve
  5. Here are a few more pics to help with ID. The mag is a Bosch DU4 model 5 serial #666187, which is 1910 or 1911 depending on the Bosch chart you use. Pics of the primer cups going through the water outlet covers and the inside of the flywheel. Thanks for the help! Steve
  6. Hi Jon, It is an E 2 carb. I have searched everywhere and can find nothing about it. All I know is it was a sidedraft converted to updraft for this engine. If you know anything about an E 2 please share it with me. Here is the pic of the back side. Thanks, Steve
  7. The previous owner said it was 3'' x 3" bore and stroke. I'll post some pics of it disassembled as soon as I get them. Thanks, Steve
  8. I need help with identifying this T head. Rayfield Carb, pat pending, twin cam roller rockers, herringbone gears, fuel pump, and magneto. No other ID or numbers that I can find. Thanks, Steve