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  1. So best way to go about selling this car that has been modified is...?
  2. Thanks for the info. It does have the "sunroof" option if that helps anyone identify it better.
  3. The car is in St. George, Utah in my grandpa's garage. He can't find the cowel tag. The original engine was replaced (who knows how long ago) with a 350 V-8 and they have a piece of metal covering where he thinks the tag might have been. If you have a specific location for that tag, that would be helpful. The V-8 engine isn't running, but it does turn over. The distance between the two axels is 123". The bumper mounts are loose, is why the bumper is sagging. We don't have the original side mount covers. It has 102,630 miles according to the odometer. The seats have been replaced with some unstylish seats. My uncle bought this car two years ago in eastern Washington and he has had the engine played with it a bit, but other than that, it is exactly as he purchased it. The back glass does not roll down.
  4. My uncle purchased a 1935 Buick Coupe with the intent to fix it up and sell it. However, he is no longer in the position to do so and I have been tasked with selling it. I didn't buy the car and there is not much on the car's title. I don't even know what model it is. Could someone help me decode the VIN? Can't find a place online that helps. The VIN is 2823228.