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  1. I've seen a few Desota bumpers and they seem to look very much like this - we are trying hard to identify this bumper we found on a piece of property we purchased, and we know it is very old.
  2. Someone thinks this may be from a 46-49 Desoto, I'd like to see if anyone has other ideas. This is what I know about this bumper. The grill guard is an add-on, not part of the original bumper. The bumper is definitely one piece, not three pieces bolted together. The length inside from left curve to right curve is 71 inches. The brackets are 35 inches apart. I don't know if that will help any. Please see the attached pictures.
  3. Marlene


    I am trying to identify an old bumper my husband found on his Uncle's property. We believe it is a 1930s or 1940 truck. It could be a car, but because it as an add-on grill guard, it makes us believe it is for a truck. Can anyone help?
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