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  1. Possibly a new dash pad although not really considered trim. I found lots of replacement instrument panel covers, console covers, knobs, bezels, etc on OPGI. Is there another company that stocks this kind of stuff? Thanks
  2. Thank you for your help on this. Where would you suggest I buy replacement trim pieces? Thanks again
  3. Is there someone on this forum who can help me identify the cowl tag for a car I'm buying? ST 71 34267LAN471674 BDY (not sure the 12th character is a 6) 972 42 G (there is something under the BDY but I can't read it. 07C I know this so far: ST 71 means it's a 71 3 = Olds 42=Cutlass Supreme 67=2 door convertible I'd like to know exterior and interior color and carb size. Thanks for the help
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