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  1. Rusty O'Toole: Yes. But then there is hope for the future as styles change.
  2. Is there any chance that an option to have a nice color in cars will come back? (red, green, blue, multi-colors, etc.)
  3. Why did most automobile companies go away from putting attractive colors inside their cars? (Now all we see is gray or black!)
  4. poci1957: Cool picture of the rare 1957 Pontiac which to me looks similar to the famous 1957 Chevy. Dave Fields: Thank you for the post about Studebaker.
  5. Dave Mellor: I appreciated your 6 responses and I even copied 2 of the cars you sent to me! Also you were the first respondent to remind me that most of the early cars had single panes. I should have rephrased my question to the "modern era." DB26: Thank you for the picture of me! Grimy: Thank you for the list of cars which had the single pane front wind shield. Padgett: Thank you for your post and list of six cars. Autoluke: I appreciate knowing about a 1917 auto that has a single pane front w/s. keiser 31: Your post probably got others to respond. For that I thank you! cahartley: I believe that as a group we may have missed the Studebaker as making the single pane w/s standard in some of their vehicles. Someone can correct me on that one. 28 chrysler: Thank you for the picture of the 1925 Chrysler
  6. Thanx to all the respondents. It seems as if Studebaker was a big promoter of the single pane front wind shield. I do not like Ford automobiles as a rule. However among the big three there is no doubt that the 1952 Ford had the first standard single front wind shield in the modern era. In 1953 it became standard with Chevrolet and Chrysler. It is very interesting though that the single pane front wind shield was around when automobiles were first built. I had seen pictures of this phenomenon but since I focus on cars from the 1950-80 eras, I had missed that fact. Thank you all for correcting me. (Obviously this only applies to cars and not trucks. Also other products under those lines such as Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, DeSoto, Plymouth, Imperial, and etc. may have had a single front window shield in 1952. I am thinking that companies such as Nash, Hudson, Packard, and others MAY have had the single pane front wind shield in 1952. There is information on the internet about the safety of glass and how inventors have changed it over the years but single versus double pane seems to be considered a styling thing by many of these articles. To my simple, yet efficient mind, the re-introduction of the single pane was a safety feature.
  7. Which Automobile company was the first to install single-panes to their front window designs? Someone asked which was the last company or vehicle to use split windows. Which company made the single pane standard? Also what was the first year that happened?