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  1. I have to believe we are talking about two different cars. One shows a brand new car which was delivered when the Hardings were in the White House (1920-1923), while another account mentions one driven from Marion to DC during Harding's time as a senator (1914-1920).
  2. Thanks again. What you have given me so far is most helpful. I'll try to give him a shout.
  3. Thanks, Grimy. Any way to pin down the exact year? I ask because the above picture was supposedly taken in 1920 in Marion, Ohio before President and Mrs. Harding moved to Washington. There are also several historical references (and photos) of "President Harding's $9000, 1921 custom Locomobile". I'm wondering if the Hardings possibly had two different Locomobiles.
  4. A local forum is trying to identify make and model here. Thanks for any help.