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  1. When the battery was replaced, it was connected wrong - negative ground. it still started and I drove it to the upholstery shop. An hour or so later it caught fire. Fortunately the fire was extinguished before damaging the car but the hot cable from the positive terminal to the starter solenoid had shorted. I replaced the cable and finally noticed the battery was connected backwards. I reconnected to positive ground but still had a short. Finally determined that somewhere during these changes the wire to the distributor was connected to the negative terminal rather than the positive. Connected to positive and all is good and it runs. Just a blown large fuse that I'm not sure what it protects. I'll try to find a replacement. Ammeter charging when engine runs.
  2. Burned battery wire to starter solenoid and small wire to distributor. Connected battery correctly but there is a dead short. Suggestions on troubleshooting please
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