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  1. Well I got it apart. The intermediate gear is welded to the oil pump shaft. I was able to push the lower bushing from the bottom thru a hole in the casting. I was then able to pull the gear/shaft up thru the distributor hole with a magnet. The patterning on the intermediate gear indicates that it had not been running true in the camshaft and striped the intermediate gear. Looks like I'm going to need a Intermediate gear and camshaft!
  2. Well i finally got to get back to the Pontiac. I pulled the pan and oil pump but the pump shaft has stayed attached to the intermediate gear. Not to the distributor as in the picture that Tinindian so nicely attached. So now, how do I get the gear out of the block. The bushing appears to have stayed in the block. Do I try to force the pump shaft out of the gear. I pulled the center main bearing down but that just gave me a slightly better view of the problem. Will I have to pull the cam shaft to get to the gear. I'll attach pictures this weekend. I would like to move this to Pontiac/Oakland forum but I don't know how!!
  3. Thanks for all the Ideas. I think I'll pull the pan and the oil pump. If the timing chain and or gears are bad I'll need to pull the pan anyway to get the broken pieces out. I agree with Old Car Fan that the fiber gears were {as far as I know} were started in the 60s. I'll continue to update the findings.
  4. I have a 1928 Pontiac that I got from a friend. It had been sitting for at least 10 years. Got the fuel tank and carb rebuilt and got about 100 miles for fun on it. As I was putting it away for the winter it was idling away and just stopped running. After a few minutes of investigation I found the rotor was not turning in the distributor. I have pulled the distributor and was surprised that there wasn't a gear on the shaft, nor was there a place for a gear. The shaft appears to run off of a spade at the end of the shaft. The manual says the distributor shaft runs off the camshaft via a gear and down to run oil pump. Any help wound be appreciated!
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