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  1. @auburnseeker Thanks for the advise. I'm in Maryland, near Annapolis. I don't really have a threshold on the purchase price but want to get a good value that even it it doesn't appreciate in value I can turn it back into cash if needed reasonably quickly ( 6 months ). I can repair most anything but I wouldn't call myself a hardcore car guy.... I've down top end rebuild, brakes, clutches, transmission replacements, wheel bearing, simple stuff. It's been years though since then and never on a pre 1970s auto. It would probably be a good idea to find a mechanic and body guy around here I could trust to do some if any of the work that might be needed. Look forward to hearing back
  2. I'm still searching the internet for cars - seeing some in various conditions from 10k - 25k - top end supposedly restored originals. What reading, books can I invest in to educate my self on serial numbers and other things to help me do some fact checking on the validity of some of these claims? Is there a service that I can use or a person who inspects Pontiacs that any of you reccomend? Thanks again - I can see how this easily can start to become an obsession.... but a fun one.
  3. @Brassisbest - is that a car you have in inventory? Are you the proprietor petersmotorcars.com?
  4. Appreciate you guys chiming in that green streamliner is a beauty!
  5. Looking for a restored or well kept original - not sure what sites and auctions to watch. Looking for some guidance. This was my grandfathers car - I can't tell what year model it was but hoping someone could help me there as well. Thats the only picture i have of it.
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