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  1. What locks in the side of hood. I have handle ,when turned rod moves towards the fire wall but does not lock into bracket on firewall or anything am I missing a pice or does rod need to be adjusted...thank you
  2. I found some that actually tig welds the pot Metal he has his machine run on half a amp and fully penetrates with filler rod he fixed my ornament and trunk hinges even filled in pieces that were missing ... his number is 707 621 5052 https://potmetal.repair/repair-pot-metal/
  3. Is there any saving this and if so can anyone recommend someone that can repair it thank you
  4. What is this that the idle screw sits on and how should it be set .When car starts cold and runs everything is fine however once it gets warm and I give throttle this starts spinning around and chokes car out .I posted about this problem a few months ago but I'm almost certain that this is my problem .Also should this be spinning or should it be in one position
  5. Having trouble figuring out how to remove lower A arm from spindle ..Shop Manuel says there's nut behind the grease fitting but can't find it
  6. Yes accelerator pump is working
  7. Sorry It's actually the manifold not carb
  8. I think it's the flap that the idle screw sits on that's the problem ..when car warms it looks like that flap either stays open or shut can't tell
  9. No rough running before stopping ..and after stopping takes a few minutes then will restart then will take off fine and once I go to put in 2 second gear dies out again
  10. Thanks for all the replys ...tank was just boiled and carburater was just rebuilt
  11. My 1936 Buick shuts off when swithing gears (high RPM) only seems to have the problem once engine gets warm and cars been running for a while.almost sound like car runs out of gas I have plenty of gas and fuel pump is good ..any help would be gretly appriciated
  12. What keeps brake pedal from moving to forward when I put the spring it wants to move the pedal all the way forward like in the picture almost wanting to pull the rod out off the master cylinder
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