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  1. Hi Sasha, in fact the FEDCO plate was suitable to pass the first step. This step validate this car as a classic car. Next step will be to validate car technical security. And finally the last step is getting ID number. Problem is it's holidays in France and nothing is running for 2 months !
  2. Salut, suite à l'aide apportée par la communauté du forum, veuillez trouver sur les fichiers joints des photos de la Chrysler E65 (1929). Comme vous pouvez le voir, la voiture est terminée (sauf 2-3 détails), mais nous attendons la plaque d'immatriculation. Pour le moment, nous roulons dans le jardin et une fois que l'administration française aura donné les papiers, la Chrysler brûlera l'asphalte. Merci encore pour votre aide! Alain, Lili et Ludovic
  3. Hi there, thanks for the reply. As mention by Sasha39 I am Ludovic living in France and Alain (Chrysler owner) is my father in law living in France as well, but at 900 km from my house! This is the reason why you find signature as Ludovic, Alain or Ludovic & Alain. Finally it is only me (Ludovic) who write message, and sometime Alain is using Google translate to read but prefers my translated email ! I am his official translator so before posting I need his directive ! And sometimes he is too busy or directive are not clear but 🤫 ! All these reasons make my replies sometimes a bit long. As I was thinking, it is a great opportunity to get original FEDCO serial number if you don't use it anymore. Alain is very interested. It is possible to get picture and a price ? Best regards Ludovic
  4. Hi Sasha, thanks for the link ! Just to inform you except administrative paper, electrical circuit is still under renovation on the car and I asked someone to get the hood (soft top) renovated as well. My car is already painted, as soon as soft top will be installed I will post picture. Thanks again to the community! Ludovic and Alain
  5. Hello, My Chrysler E65 (1929) renovation is almost finished, I am to finish some small details but the biggest difficulty is administrative paper ! In order to get Chrysler administration paper to drive my Chrysler on the road, administration ask me a picture of my Serial Number plate. However the problem is I don't have this part. I do not have the FEDCO plate, a solution can be to make a new one, for example like they used on a 1925 Chrysler on the firewall but I need a model ! Does anyone have a part SN plate not in use? Thank you Alain
  6. Dear all, We well received the speedometer from "Oregon Desert model 45" and it fit perfectly. We are pleased to received a parcel very well packed up. Thanks a lot Ludovic
  7. Hi broker-len unfortunately I am looking for working speedo and odometer. Thanks again Alain
  8. Hi Sasha, thank you for the tips, I had completely forgot this solution ! I sent a message to "Oregon Desert model 45". Alain
  9. Good morning all, effectively as said by "Sasha39", Alain does not speak English. I am his sin in law, my name is Ludovic and I am also his particular translator because we French! My wife allows me to spend time helping her father at distance despite my many trips a week! Alain lives in north of France and me in south. "Broker-len" we did not understand your post, does your speedo and trip mileage work? "Oregon Desert", we are interested in your meter, we would like to contact you directly by e-mail if possible? "Narve" did you get time to look at your counters and the bumper? Thanks again to all of you and many apologies for our late responses -> (personal message from Ludovic) Alain
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I need to change it as the inner parts are broken, it is not turning anymore. I didn't know about the model A compatibility, that's a good news! I will have a look on this solution... Viv w, I don't know Snyders or Mac's, do you have a address, please? For all for the tips's Alain
  11. Hello, restoration of my Chrysler E65 (1929) is going well, engine is almost completed! At same time, I am working on dashboard. And it appeared that my odometer is broken (see picture). Does anybody has a spare part ? Or knows where to find one? Thanks a lot Alain
  12. Hi there, for those who follow my adventure in Chrysler E65 (1929) renovation, a little present for you : actual stat of the Chrysler renovation picture... Furthermore another question again : I have a oil duct with a spring and it is connected to the crank shaft (see picture). My problem is I don't know how it works exactly and so how to adjust it? What is it used for ? And finally how do I adjust it in depth? Thanks in advance Alain
  13. As usual, you perfectly answered my questions. Thank you again. I will give you update of the engine very soon! Alain
  14. Hi there, I fit new pistons in cylinder and I'm now ready to close the engine. However first if all I want to double check something. Months ago Sasha sent me doc name:"Torque chart for cylinder head and bearing installation". On it I could find : the stud torques which is 60-70 ft.lbs is that correct? but could really find the head tightening sequence, I am afraid qulity is not good enought for tired eyes ! Do you have it please? should we tight bold in only one sequence or smoothly increase torques of "X" sequences ? Then should double check tight after "X" kilometers ? Thanks to you all. Alain
  15. Hi, and first of all thank you very much to all of you, and well done for all your knowledge and your quick answers ! I confirm about the part Oil throw disc (50053) I have it and I see where it goes! Now I have additional questions: just to confirm there is no seal on the crankshaft support bearing on the clutch side, if I understand correctly the oil that passes and goes back into the oil pane ? Do you know what are the use of the two long joints of square section? and where do they go ? Same for the round joint? What is the purpose and where does it go? Thanks again from the sunny Normandy !
  16. Hi there, I started to re-build engine on my 1929 Chrysler roadster E65. For now everything went well, however I have few questions: is it necessary to have a seal in the crankshaft support end bushings ? Is there a seal between the crankshaft pulley and the crankcase? what is the purpose of the steering wheel attached to the pulley, this steering wheel is in two parts with springs between the two parts ? I made the valve stem settings at 1.5 for the intake and 2 for the exhaust. Is this correct? Thanks in advance Alain
  17. Great, thanks for your reply. I will have a look on it. Have a good week end Alain
  18. Hello, First of all Happy new year and thanks a lot for your support. There is now more than one year I started to get a "new old" Chrysler roadster E65 of 1929 from a heap of blended parts and it is getting on not so badly! Today I have a riddle for you: What are these two parts ? And do you know where they go? See pictures (the ruler is in cm, parts are around 2 cm long) Thanks to all Bonus: a picture of the car to let you know where I am! Alain
  19. Hi, a little history from Alain... I am in my 60's and I live near by Rouen, between Paris and D-Day landing beaches (1h30 by car). Concerning my Chrysler Roadster E65 1929 please find it before it has been disassembly. Then I bought it, and I completely disassembled. Here is ours movers the day of buying. With my brother in law kind of mechanic and me (Alain) former joiner, we assemble the car. Alain Claude, brother in law & mechanic at same time ! We are working on brakes and then after we will start on engine; we are waiting pistons & rings. Cylinder head has been modified with a gap of 3/10 mm, we got cylinder head gasket from US. This is an actual imagine of the Chrysler: Thanks to all of you for the valuable information you bring me and the quick answers. Is to believe you never sleep! Bernie for information I don't know this expression literary translated by "seins sur un taureau" but if you could explain in which circumstance and what means this expression I am sure we have equivalent in french! Before, I renovated a 2 CV Citroen of 1982. Originally I got 2 cars: The result of these (one blue and one red) didn't made violet but... Today it is yellow ! Maximum speed 90 km/h (around 55 miles/h )
  20. Hi there, I wanted to know if it was possible to disassemble oil filter on Chrysler E65 (1929) (and how ?), or is it better to change it (and where?). Thanks in advance Ludovic
  21. Hi, thanks to all for your help, I am not at home for the moment and will be back next week (I am on holidays with madame, unfortunately for her she still hears me chatting about my car!). From my memory I don't have any electrical connection behind this levers, but I will confirm this next week. Any that's full of good information! As soon as I will be back I will dismount more and compare with drawing and pictures. Thanks to all again and write again next week.
  22. Hello, I have a question about Chrysler E65 (1929) steering wheel. I believe there are 3 different levers with theirs rings. See picture of my steering wheel. Do you know what they are used to? Probably one is used for the starter what about others? Mine are broken or missing, anyone knows where to buy some? Thanks in advance. Ludovic
  23. Hello, restoration is going well see frame on wheels. In order to prepare chock absorbers I would like to know: quality of oil to use level of oil to fill in these chock absorbers Thanks
  24. Hi all, thank you very much for your support. Much appreciated document with the torque, even if I had to use my brain to convert system metric & imperial ! Hopefully Google is my friend ! My engine S/N is P221721 Sasha39 I sent you a private message with my email address. Hi Narve, sorry I didn't reply you but my stepfather will prepare a message about bumper. Speak you soon!
  25. Hello, I have a Chrysler roadster E65 produced in 1929 but the engine is a 1928 manufactured. I started to restore the engine however when it will be time to close it I will need to know the clamping rate of the cylinder head bolt? I will need as well the game for the adjustment of the rockers? Thank you in advance Alain
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