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    1941 Chevy 216 cylinder head question

    Hey guys, how about a 1937 head casting number 838355. Will this head work on my block?
  2. Ed S.

    1941 Chevy 216 cylinder head question

    Thanks for the information! Looks like any 216 head will work from about 37 to 48ish? And a few after that date minus a powerglide transmission.
  3. Ed S.

    1941 Chevy 216 cylinder head question

    Thanks Bloo, I will check the site out.
  4. I have a 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Coupe with it's original 216 Engine. I found the cylinder head is cracked in several places evidently from running hot. Been searching online for another head and find much confusion on what cylinder head will work on this engine. I've seen everything from a 216 or 235 as long as its a 15 bolt head to many other answers. I'm looking for a replacement head but with all this confusing information I am getting, I am reluctant to purchase one not knowing if it will actually work on my block. I found one head for a 216 with a casting number of 3835517 but the seller says it for 48-52 216 and won't work on my 41. Can anyone give me a solid, correct answer on what head I can use? I would sure appreciate some information and help with this. Thanks!