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  1. Yes, I have it as 6v positive ground. Slow turnover is certainly a possibility. Any thoughts on getting it to turn faster (besides putting a 12v battery on it)?
  2. Displacement on the JD is 202 cu in compared to Hupmobile 210 cu in i did find that I had it set up for CW rotation where it is actually CCW rotation. I changed that, I’m hoping that will make all the difference! Good idea!!
  3. Could it be the valves need adjustment? I would think it would fire but not ten very well If that were the fix
  4. I’ve double checked timing, with #1 at TDC both intake and exhaust valves are closed. I’ve also verified distributor is not 180 off. I’m leaning towards the intake leak, but I don’t think I’d have the vacuum at the choke that I do if that were the case.
  5. I'm restoring a 1930 Hupmobile S, as close to original as I can. I've gone completely through the engine, new rings, gaskets, cylinders sleeved, etc. It has an updraft carb on it, I bought new one that fit a JD tractor. I have a spark to the plugs (I got quite the "shock" figuring that one out) I'm getting fuel to the carb, running it gravity from the vacuum tank. The engine turns over well, I'm getting a good amount of suction on the air intake on the carb while its turning over. After turning over the engine for a while, and choking the carb while doing so, I have taken a spark plug off and don't smell gasoline under the plug, only the Marvel Mystery Oil I have put in there. Also, after turning over the engine for a while, and choking the carb while doing so, I get a couple teaspoons of fuel that pours out the air intake of the carb. I have had it fire once, but only once, and there was a decent flame that came out of the exhaust with that one. I'm at a loss for what I'm doing wrong here. Any help from the hive would be much appreciated. Eric Hupp
  6. Looking for a carburetor for my 1930 Hupmobile S. Would prefer the Stromberg type U, but would go with a period correct universal part. Also, a radiator cap for same car Thanks!!
  7. Hey Chuck, I’ve been unable to find a radiator, would the one you have still be available next month? Thanks, Eric
  8. Hello all, looking for a radiator that will fit my ‘30 S. Any help would be appreciated! Eric
  9. I knew someone would have the answer, Thanks!! Eric
  10. Working on an engine rebuild of a ‘30 S, I’m having trouble finding specs regarding how much torque to tighten bolts down to. Any ideas where I could find that info?
  11. Could anyone tell me if there’s any differences between the engines of a ‘29A and a ‘30S? I’m hoping I would be able to put the innards of my ‘30S in the block of a ‘29A. On the outside, they look identical.
  12. Looking for a complete 6 cylinder engine for my ‘30 Hupmobile S. Open to a couple years on either side of ‘30, as long as it’ll fit in the chassis. Also open to just the block and/or head
  13. EDHupp


    Andy, Thanks for the response, i’ve got someone working on reproducing the wedges right now, if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be sure to get ahold of you.
  14. EDHupp


    Thanks Hupp36, but I messed around with it enough and figured it out (broke one of them in the process though). I'm going to try to reproduce one. For anyone else that may stumble upon this looking for how to do this, the straps are held in by metal wedges from the bottom of the casting on the axle assembly. If you rap on the bottom side of it (where the green arrow is pointing in the pic below) several times alternating on both sides of the wedge, it will fall right out. Don't hit it where the red arrow is, thats where I broke the piece.
  15. EDHupp


    Any advice on removing the cotton straps that attach the rear lever arm shocks to the axle assembly on the ‘30 model S?
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