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  1. Thanks for the great responses, I think I understand now what is happening. Dual Quad, I am wondering about the choke suggestion. Is this related to stopping the evaporation of the fuel or does it relate to just the chokes function at initial start?
  2. When I don't use my 64 Riviera for an extended period of time (3 or 4 days) I have a problem in starting the car. It appears that over this period the gas drains out of the carburetor and when starting the car, I have to turn it over enough for the fuel pump to get gas into the carburetor. I am likely not the first to have this problem, any suggestions on what may be wrong causing this to happen.. I suspect the carburetor is draining because i have removed the air cleaner and tried to pump gas into the manifold and nothing comes out.
  3. More to report, brake booster is working, I disconnected and took the car for a short ride. Wow, It is a tough job getting my Riv to stop without the booster. Vacuum at an idle is about 15 in/hg.. I am not sure if this is good or bad for this engine. A quick search of the internet reveals levels of 12 to 20 inches/hg but non directly related to a nailhead/riviera. So, is 15" good or ???
  4. So, here I am back to the fountain of knowledge. When i bought my 64 Riv the brakes were exceptionally week. So weak in fact that I did not want to drive it. I have since replaced shoes and hardware in the back and replaced shoes, hardware, wheel cylinder and hose in the front. The back brakes had one shoe installed that was the wrong size and the front brakes looked very oily so I think that there had been leaks for a while.I took it out for a test drive and saw an improvement but I think it is still lacking a bit. Before the work was done, I could stomp on the brakes and not get it to squeal the tires. Now, when I stomp on the brakes with both feet I can get it to squeal the tires at times but it is a full two footed effort. It has me thinking that it is a power booster issue but I am not sure. I have tried the old booster check (starting the car with a foot on the brake and feeling the booster kick in and the pedal drop) and I can feel the pedal drop a bit but not as much as I am used to in a more modern vehicle. I have looked at the vacuum system that I can see and it seems that there are no open or loose hoses. I was thinking that my next step is to unhook the brake booster from the vacuum system and see if there is a substantial difference in the brake performance. If the booster is not working properly, I should not see a difference in braking performance. I sure would appreciate any advice from you wise men. Am I on the right track here or is there something else that I am missing. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, ever get plugged?
  6. I am putting my brakes back together on my first gen riviera and I see a tube coming up out of the rear axle tube, drivers side and running along the tube to the top center of the back cover and ending in mid air, not connected to anything. First pic below shows it coming out of the axle tube and second pic shows it ending over the back plate, not attached to anything. Do I have this right that this is some sort of rear axle vent?
  7. Thanks, I have a kit coming so will soon know if it is the same when I get it. Through this whole experience I did learn some interesting things. Riviera's have 12 inch drum brakes and these are not that common. I expect size of drum will allow for some pretty good stopping power. Tom Mooney, saw your note and that is exactly what i need. Now I even have the part number. Will wait to see if the kit I already have ordered will work and if it does not, I now have the real deal solution. Thanks All, What a great resouce you guys are.
  8. I know the piece you mean but that is not the piece that I am looking for . The part I want is the part that connects to the piece you mentioned. Please see photo attached that shows the piece i have. Note that one of the three points on it has been worn or torn off. I have found brake adjuster kits for other cars that have piece that look like this but can not find brake adjuster kits for 64 rivieras. Maybe I have just not found the right suppliers.
  9. Thanks all for the input. It is great to have all this knowledge on hand. I am wondering if this idea of the unequal spacing of the fan blades was common with other manufacturers in the day. I don't remember seeing this before my riv.
  10. I am new to the riviera owners group. I have a 1964 riv and a problem with the brakes. In trying to get to the bottom of the problem I have come up with a parts question. The drivers side rear was assembled with a wrong size shoe and came apart with the hardware parts floating around in the drum. When i opened it up and realized what had been done, I gathered all the parts and figured that i would get away with a hardware kit and new proper size shoes. Well turns out, a little 3 armed clip, part of the self adjust mechanism had been floating around in the drum long enough to have the usefull ends ground off. I can't really find anywhere where this part is named so I am stuck. Anyone know of a vendor that would sell this little part or am I faced with going the junk yard route. It looks to me like this part was used on other gm vehicle of the day but not 100% sure it is identical Any input would sure be appreciated.
  11. So, I am new to the group and just got my 64 riv. It had a slow radiator leak so I thought I best change out the radiator. I am into the job now and find something odd. The fan on the engine is not symmetrical. There are 5 blades on the fan but they are not close to evenly spaced. Anyone notice this before and anyone know why this is. I guess it is possible that it is balance around the center axis but likely not. Unfortunately I did not see what the orientation was when I took it off. Does it make a difference? Any input would be appreciated.