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  1. Hello, I have transmission fluid draining into the rearend. I am going to replace the seal on the front of the torque tube. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed while i have the rearend slid back? I will reinstall the torque boot trying to use the shop manual instructions, with wood dowel with 15 -25 lbs of pressure. Any and all suggestion appreciated!! Thanks, Bob
  2. Being a Newbie to the Forum. I am grateful for the responses. I will try a get a BC extinguisher I see a Kidde on Amazon for $28.81. I do like the wet towel idea! I have the garden hose in the shop, but in an emergency untwisting the hose, running back to turn on the pressure maybe too late!!! Excellent Ideas!! Thank You All!!
  3. I seem to remember reading an article on which type of Fire Extinguisher to buy for old cars! It said that some extinguisher are bigger problem than the fire. Does anyone know?? I have an leaking carb on the 55 Roadmaster! So this has sparked my interest!!! Need to get all the cars re-outfitted for the summer. Noticed a couple where on the low side of good! Thank you !! Bob
  4. Great! Thank you for the answers!! It is off to the Hardware store!! I makes me a little nervous running it without and oil gauge!! Thanks again!
  5. Hello, New to the forums. How does one fix a leak on the engine block of a oil pressure line? Acquired a 55 Roadmaster, the oil gauge did not work, check the block. It had a plug in it. so I removed the plug and reinstalled the pressure line. Oil started dripping out. so now I have the plug back in!! Is there a quick fix or do you have sent it out??? Thank you, Bob