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  1. also my manual doesn't show the hoses and how the core runs in it
  2. hey I just installed my heater core can anyone tell me how the water lines are supposed to run as It was all disconnected when I bought it, A schematic would be helpful, Doses it run from the piece going to the inside of car to the top of the core from the left side of piece going inside car to the back of the engine or the front bypass hose connecter, Then back of engine at lower heater connection from inside car, Its all been blown out no more rust in core any help would be much appreciated.
  3. do you recommend lubricating the water jacket on my 49 Dodge Coronet before installing new one or just put it in ? Also Napa has 3 listings for freeze plugs for my car is that what I need or are they all alike? never messed with freeze plugs Before. don't want to sound like a idiot. Lol
  4. thank you I will go to the parts house tomorrow and see if I can get one that's right I got it from the parts house go to another one.
  5. my thermostat and housing I'm wondering if this is a press on its not to loose inside when I put it in the housing but the gold piece drops it down do you think that is a possibility ?
  6. now im going to shoot water into the area it came out of to make sure there is no more rust large pieces came out of the radiator so I figure its in there too.
  7. also I just got my Water Jacket out that was fun I had to squeeze it together with vice grips and use a large screwdriver against it to force it out once it got to the middle then it came easily
  8. I Got A new thermostat but my manual shows what looks like a Housing my old one was completely gone I removed the Old thermostat and threw it away my new thermostat doesn't seem to fit it has a brass holder I'm not sure how it goes on it's to large to go into the opening so I'm thinking its supposed to go into a holder can anyone help with this I got the thermostat Brass fitting and a rubber gasket but no instructions I know to put the pointed side up but it doesn't fit not sure what I need.
  9. This is pictures on my water jacket trying to see holes in the pipe don't see any anyone see them ? 49_Dodge_water_jacket.mp4