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  1. I'm glad you're curious. I was creating a problem where none existed. Your schematic explains it. Everything works fine, charging etc. I have done a ton of wiring work and I happen to be standing next to the battery cables holding a multimeter. I checked resistance across the two leads expecting to see an open circuit. When I saw some resistance (current flow) I got confused, which is a common occurrence with me. Thanks!
  2. The alternator circuit has a diode between the ignition switch and one of the terminals on the alternator. Evidently it's there to prevent the engine from continuing to run even after the key had been turned off. Could that have something to do with it?
  3. fair enough but with the alternator plugged in it's at 6k?
  4. I'm working on a '35 Chrysler Airflow. I've switched it to 12volt and installed a GM 3 wire alternator. I noticed that when I measure resistance across the disconnected battery terminals I get about 6000 ohms. I disconnected everything but the alternator. When I pull the two wire plug out of the side of the alternator the resistance across the battery terminals increases to the Meg ohm range but doesn't drop to zero. Any thoughts?
  5. The images in my manual, from May 1934, show ventilator control hardware that looks nothing like what I've got. Am I missing something or is were there considerable design changes between '34 and '35?
  6. Thanks John Boyd and Spinks. Nice documentation!
  7. Thanks John. That's exactly what I was looking for!
  8. I'm attempting to reassemble side window hardware on a '35 coupe. I think I'm missing a piece of hardware and I'd like to know what it looks like. I've attached a photo that shows the area I'm interested in. It's a picture of the drive side door looking at the cover plate at the top of the door. There are four holes. What attaches there? A picture would be greatly appreciated. Thanks