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  1. Bought the wrong color windshield & drivers door glass ( clear instead of green) June of 2017. Paid $505 total would like to get $300 or best offer plus shipping.
  2. Just had my 55 century painted. I keep it in a garage. I need a good affordable car cover. Anyone know a good brand or site?
  3. Which bezel is correct for my 55 century?
  4. Where is the best place to get a carpet kit for my 55 century 2dr? Has anyone delt with a company called stock interiors?
  5. Nevermind. I figured it out. All the pitting is on the inner race. That was easy
  6. Pulled my axles out to replace seals and noticed that they are pitted right where the outer seal makes contact. Not sure what to do.Is there somewhere that sells new axles or can mine be repaired or ?
  7. My 55 century has blue port hole lights but I'm missing one of the blue lenses. Anyone know where I can get one or some
  8. Thanks for the advice. Got the spring & the kit. $83 later works great
  9. Center of the dash above the radio there is a light. How is it controlled
  10. Took my pump apart & the springs are broken.is there a rebuild kit available or someone who repairs them?
  11. My dash clock is running slow. Is there an adjustment or should I have it repaired
  12. He's gonna call me with a price after he looks @ it
  13. Anyone know where to buy parts for a 55 buick century speedometer or number for a repair shop
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