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  1. Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone would have any insight as to what this head fits? I'm having a hard time find a head that is shaped the same, has the head bolt or stud holes lined up like this, and does not have a thermostat housing mount like this head. Head is almost exactly 2 feet long, 2 inches high, 25 bolt/stud holes. The only thing that I'm sure it isn't is MoPar. Just trying to clear out space from our parts collection by selling off parts. Any help to identify what is (or even what it isn't) would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I think you're on the nose with that one. Thank you everyone for your replies and help!
  3. Hey everyone, Looking for some leads as to what this manifold is off of. I don't recognize it as being from a Buick, Olds, or MoPar. I'm guessing that it is a very early manifold, whatever it is off. The center of the inside of the manifold has a small tin cover riveted onto it. The casting number on the manifold appears to be 516171. Other than that, I can't see many significant looking manufacturing stamps. I can supply more pictures if it'll help in identifying this thing. Any and all leads are welcome. Thanks!