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  1. This is a NOS 40 amp voltage regulator part # 1118300 for generator #1102717. Fits Chevrolet 1949-54. $65.00 OBO plus shipping.
  2. This is a NOS 40 amp voltage regulator part # 1118300 for generator #1102717. Fits Chevrolet 1949-54 and Oldsmobile 1949-51. $65.00 OBO plus shipping.
  3. Spinneyhill, thanks for posting the information. I have not had a chance to really address the problem correctly. Probably going to be a winter project now. Parrish, thanks for getting back to me. This also will be a winter project.
  4. Question #1, How do I put the ash tray back into the dash? I saved all the fastners, but can not get it to go back the correct way. Question # 2, The steering wheel has quite a bit of movement before contact is made. How do I adjust the steering gear?
  5. Attached are several photos of my 1934 CA 4 door sedan. Hope this is of interest to someone.
  6. I'm curious why you went to Quality Auto Carpet with Stock Interiors right in you backyard.
  7. Has anyone done business with Quality Auto Carpet in the Chicago, Ill area?
  8. I was told there was an Auburn Dealership located in Lakewood Ohio at one time. Does anyone have any information or photos of this dealership? The Auburn Cord Duesenberg museum in Indiana has not responded to my e-mail. Thank You.
  9. From what I was able to find out, they go on the top inside of the door opening and the vent window closes against it. I am waiting for a photo.
  10. When I removed these from my car several years ago, I bagged and tagged them VENT WINDOW. I have no idea where there go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. I am looking for someone with an outside sun visor on there car. It must be a HARDTOP. I am trying to duplicate the outside brackets that mount to the "A" pillar - NOT to the rain gutter. Photos and specific measurements would be very helpful. Can you help me out? Thank you.
  12. Thank. I was hoping to get the exact measurement from the real deal. Maybe even a good close-up photo. I will have to invite two friends over to hold the visor so I can guesstimate it.
  13. I am looking for specific measurements from an outside sunvisor that would have been installed on a hardtop model - NOT a sedan. These outside brackets attach to the "A" pillar - NOT the rain gutter. If you have this sunvisor, I would like to get several measurements so I can duplicate them. Thanks
  14. I am looking for information regarding STOLLES GARAGE in Broad Brook Connecticut. Were they a dealership of General Motor vehicles or a repair facility? If they sold GM cars, what lines did they offer? Thank You