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  1. Hemi Dude is a genius!!!! Thanks a ton! Howard
  2. Thanks all. I will check this all. Great stuff!
  3. I can not keep my new battery charged in my car. Garaged with a cover. Have to charge then use, and dead again in 2 days? Any ideas where to look? TIA
  4. When I bought the car about 5 years ago, I had to send the works off to have the odometer repaired. Could I have screwed up the the speedometer while reinstalling it all back into the dash? also, Hemidude thanks fo the info!!
  5. I just had the coil on my '91 TC replaced. In the process, we discovered that we needed to replace a relay, timing belt, drive belt and A/C belts. What we found, was that all of the belts we got for the '91 engine (6 cylinder automatic) did not work. They were either too wide or grooved incorrectly. As it happened we then tried the same parts for a '90 engine and they all were correct. The pink slip says 1991 and I believe that the VIN is correct for a '91. My question: Is this unusual?? Also, as an aside, I am wondering if, in general, are the speedometers on these cars off about 5 mph at 45 or 50 mph? Thank you: Howard
  6. My ABS light is on, but not the brake light. Apparently this means there is an electrical problem. Does anyone know where I might buy or rent or borrow an MST-6400 tester? I have tried to contact the local (Los Angeles) club representative, but no reply.
  7. Got the Hagerty insurance, so can only go 3500 miles a year. That is ok with me so I only drive it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Right now I can't get the soft top to stay locked down in the back, so will drive even less now.
  8. This is the first time in a very long time that we have used the A/C for a long period of time. After about 1 hour started to get water condensation pouring onto my wifes feet. Question is: Has something come loose or is standard for the car? I don't see any rust under the drivers side floor panels. I would appreciate some info. Thanks: Howard
  9. April 21, 2015 There is a speedo console listed on Ebay today but he does not know if it all works. Also, I am having the same problem with my odometers. I did remove the speedo and sent it to Phoenix. When it came back I reinstalled it into the car -- still does not work. Come to find out that if the push lever to reset is not completely free, it should not be pushed as this will again ruin the gears. It is dragging on the bottom of the plexiglass and therefore the gears are now broken again. I don't know if I can afford to keep sending it back to phoenix; can you tell me where you got the gears that you installed (Please). Thanks: Howard
  10. Thank you, I will absolutely try that in the morning. Howard
  11. I only have this '91 Tc for a couple of months. I washed the car with the hard top in place and all went well (no leaks). Now I have taken that off and have been using it without a top. Today, I am sure that I followed the directions and put up the soft top. I heard all the clicks and pushed down in the rear, but I still see about a 1/2 inch gap under the back of the soft top. Am I missing something. (The top appears to be in pristine condition) I would be most appreciative of any suggestions/help. Thanks.
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