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  1. Bumpers are perhaps a construction from the german Wehrmacht. It is an OTP..../Tourer
  2. What type of elegant Rolls is it and when constructed? Thx
  3. In germany http://www.karasch-mb.com/en/mercedes-benz-classics/sealed-beam-models.html
  4. Perhaps it was a 2 doors and roof cut...stay away. Thisone in Germany looks a better opprotunity... https://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/mercedes-benz-v170-cabrio-w136-nur-für-kurze-zeit-aachen/244151018.html?action=parkItem
  5. another 380c in London.. http://www.rmsothebys.com/lf13/london/lots/1934-mercedes-benz-380-k-cabriolet-c/1061938 http://www.oldtimer-restauratie.nl/fotos.php#Mercedes380K1936/1 http://www.museu-caramulo.net/pt/content/2-coleces/17-automveis/83-mercedesbenz-k https://www.weinberg-oldtimer.de/oldtimer/mercedes-380k/ http://www.rmsothebys.com/lf13/london/lots/1933-mercedes-benz-380-k-sport-roadster/1062404
  6. How much would a 4 door limo cost?
  7. Does somebody know more about this 500K??
  8. Any ideea what it is worth? 230 f
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