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  1. My 1930 Chrysler trunk handle uses wood screws to hold the handle on. Wood holes are there but too bad to hold. I tried the clay like material you roll together and packed the holes but it did work. Dry wall anchors may work but the heads are too big to insert thru the truck holes. Remaking the entire wood piece with the latch is probably not possible in my case. Anyone got an idea how to pack the existing holes to hold the handle?
  2. My doors are low to my body trim. 1930 Chrysler 66. Hood fits cowl fine. I tried bending body hinges. Replaced pins, if I add shims to body it may make the doors even lower. Body hinges mount to wood door frame. Does anyone make replacement hinges so I can bend them and then install to see what happens? Thanks for the great responses
  3. The doors on my 1930 Chrysler 66 do not line up with my body trim. Less than 1/2 to low. You have to lift up to make them close and still to low. How do you adjust or fix? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know the width, length height of a mode A sedan rear bottom seat spring?
  5. Searching for new bottom seat springs for my 1930 series 66 Chrysler. I contacted Snyder’s and received no response. Would super foam be a good choice? It costs a lot and I would hate to discover it was a bad choice. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. I need new bottom seat springs for my 1930 Chrysler series 66 business coupe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. I do not see attachments.
  8. Thanks, are the shocks friction or hydraulic? Would it be possible to rebuild yourself?
  9. My straps on my car shocks are all broken. Can you reattach some sort of material. What material? Shocks may be frozen how should I free up? Do you pull the arms all the way down and re attach? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Rebuilding my 1930 Chrysler rear end and I need a new oil seal. The oil seal seems to be encased in a metal housing ( see attached pictures). Anyone know about this? Where can I obtain one? Any help appreciated. Ocarbearing does not answer. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replays: my 30 Chyrsler 66 is wood frame and has a vinial square in the center of the top. I don't know where to get the vinial and trim required to replace it unless I just order a Ford replacement and hope it fits. Any sources?
  12. Replace vinial top on my 1930 Chrysler. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
  13. I need to replace my vinial top on my 1930 Chrysler 66 business coupe . Will a Ford A ,model fit? I don't see any size for the A model. I probably just need the vinial material and trim. Anyone have any advice.
  14. Anyone have a idea or source for the 1930 wheel lug nuts?
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