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  1. Rebuilding my 1930 Chrysler rear end and I need a new oil seal. The oil seal seems to be encased in a metal housing ( see attached pictures). Anyone know about this? Where can I obtain one? Any help appreciated. Ocarbearing does not answer. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replays: my 30 Chyrsler 66 is wood frame and has a vinial square in the center of the top. I don't know where to get the vinial and trim required to replace it unless I just order a Ford replacement and hope it fits. Any sources?
  3. Replace vinial top on my 1930 Chrysler. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
  4. I need to replace my vinial top on my 1930 Chrysler 66 business coupe . Will a Ford A ,model fit? I don't see any size for the A model. I probably just need the vinial material and trim. Anyone have any advice.
  5. Anyone have a idea or source for the 1930 wheel lug nuts?
  6. My metal body trim molding is loose but, I'm not sure how to re attach. It runs around the middle of the car. Seems there are nails on the inside that attached to the wood internal frame. I can not see the wood as the inside fabric hides it. Perhaps, I could glue it on or drill small holes in it and re nail or use small screws and cover them up and re paint. Any ideas?
  7. Not sure. I don't know how to deter me. Title says CJ but, that may not be correct.
  8. Need rear oil seal for 1930 Chrysler series 66.
  9. I need a source for replacement 1930 Chrysler with wood wheels lug nuts as mine are 6 point 3/4 inch and worn badly. Thank you.
  10. Is fender welt used on 1930 Chrysler 66 rear fenders where they bolt to the body? Seems like I have a big gap. I cannot find a picture with enough detail. Thank you.
  11. Need 1930 Chrysler 66 rear oil seal . Must remove drive shaft and pull out bearing and nut so , I will need a new oil seal. Thank you.
  12. Is fender welt used on Chrysler running board where the running boards bolt to the bottom of the front and rear fenders? Thanks
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