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  1. Please ignore. I figured it out on the third try.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to remove the steering wheel on a '41 Buick Special. I cannot figure out how to remove the horn button. The manual says to pry it off with a small screwdriver. I cannot get anything to budge, and would prefer to not break something that's original and hard to find. Any help and guidance out there?
  3. Here is a photo from last November. I'm finishing up the final restoration details, and am now roadtesting it daily. Lebaron Bonney interior going in. I highly recommend them, if you have not already done so. I'm taking mine on The Great Race Rally from Maine to Florida in June, and will be driving through Georgia. Look for us!! I'm keeping the engine all original, but I added an electric fuel pump on a switch, and next week I'm adding an electric cooling fan. I also added turn signals that work through the fog lights, and seat belts. The hardest part for me to find so far was 5 original 6 slotted wheels. I swapped out the stock center diff, for one from a '49 Olds, for the taller highway gears. This is a bolt in swap that I highly recommend as well. It's cheaper, more dependable, and easier than adding overdrive. Every single thing on the car is now working, including the clock. I'm now just fine tuning, accumulating spare parts, and chasing down rattles. The total distance we will be driving it is about 4,100 miles. We will trailer to PA. Drive to the start in Maine, run the rally Maine to Florida, and then drive back to the truck in PA. Jerry
  4. Hi James, Yes, Mine is the same as your's; L-37. Pretty common, since it was a good sales year. It's a good thing, because mine has parts from at least 6 different cars. It had a lot of trim missing when I found it. No wheels, caps, trim, bumper guards, on & on. I still need an L-37 hood ornament. Here is what it looked like when I got it:
  5. August 2013; Painting Day! Code 123 - Runnymede Green, painted by me with urethane activated Centari. I did the jambs & hinges off. I then mounted the doors & taped off the hinges, so I could put the final coats on the doors with them in place. It was a very difficult car to paint, with so many separate pieces.
  6. I've really enjoyed reading this James. It looks like you started with a better car than I did. My poor car had been hit on every corner. The front fenders each had 10 pounds of lead in them. Jerry