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  1. We found another number at the front off the engine: 4G4006709 what would that tell us? thanks again for helping out!
  2. Hi everyone, i am working on a 1960 Buick Invicta convertible with some engine problems. We aren’t sure what kind of engine we are dealing with. The original should be a 401, but how can we tell that there is still the original motor in the car after all those years? we found this number on the engine: 1190451 what else can we try to sort this out before ordering parts and maybe ending up with the wrong ones. Thanks Ferdy
  3. This is a old topic, I know but after some other problems and no time to work on the car, I want to update the last results. The engine still smokes a lot so the Seafoam did not help for this problem. We will be driving the car for a couple of miles in the coming time to see if the problem is getting better or if we need to rebuild the engine. Thanks to all that have helped out. Ferdy
  4. Problem is solved. Installed a reman distributor and the car is running strong again. Thanks to everybody that has replied and helped out! Thanks Ferdy
  5. I know this is a old tread but wanted to explain what was the cause of the problem. Nothing to do with fuel delivery. The problem was in the ignition as we discovered on an other tread. So for as far as we can see right now, the Seafoam does not do any damage. Thanks to all who tried to help out!
  6. Problem is partially solved! Today we changed out the condenser with no result. After that we changed the complete distributor from our other car and it fired right up! But we can't find the problem within the distributor. All looks good, as said before every thing looks ok. Next step will be ordering a remanufactured distributor on RockAuto.com as we need some other parts to. Will be letting you guys know if the problem is 100% solved after the new distributor is in place. For now thanks a lot for helping me out. Thanks Ferdy
  7. Thanks rusty. I was wondering what the second wire on the other end of the resistor was providing because if I disconnected it, it was still turning over. Will do the condenser swap tomorrow.
  8. Thanks Joe. Will be trying that tomorrow. As told we have a good running car with same set up so changing and testing is easy. Also bought a test lamp today so that makes it a bit easier. Will keep you posted about it. Thanks Ferdy
  9. That's right the car has a 12v system but what does the ballast resistor do? On all our 3 59 Ford's it transforms on the resistor from 12v to around 6. The other car even has only 4,6v on runs fine. I think we are missing a small piece here!?
  10. Today we have tried a lot but without any success. Changed the rotor + cap and cables from a good running car and still the same. We do have a weak spark when we put a plug into the coil directly. But on the dist. cap and the plug on a cylinder cable there is a really weak spark once every 5 seconds or so. The coil on a 59 works on 6 volts right? There is a resistor on the firewall that has power from the ignition switch which is 12 voltsand goes to the coil with 6 volts. Already tried to power the resistor directly to the battery positive and still no effect. I also took off the distribu
  11. Thanks RBS and rick. Will be checking Monday. Tomorrow our first club meeting in Belgium. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met behulp van Tapatalk
  12. Hello everyone. I have a 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 223 line 6 auto. trans. I have replaced almost everything on the car and it was running fine. Ignition is all new and now failing. There is just a very weak or no spark there anymore. Until now we have tried to, reset the breaker points, replace spark plugs, balance resistor, condenser, coil, wires, ground lead from distributor, rotor, dist. cap. We also jumped the positive wire from ignition switch to positive side from coil by wiring it directly from the battery to the coil. Still no good spark! Can an anyone give us some tips what
  13. I will do the tests as told above and then do a complete carb rebuilt. Will post my tests here tomorrow.
  14. The car and engine we are talking about is a '59 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 223 L6 all stock. The engine had not run in about 30 years. I have done a complete gasket set including a head gasket and valve stem seals. All new ignition, fuel pump, filters and oil, coolant (and flush the system) and some other stuff. After all work done it was using oil. After another topic we think it the oil scraper rings are stuck and there for I am trying to free up the rings. I think all Seafoam has leaked down the rings before we started again. I have been trying to start today, but it would not start. Only w
  15. Can it also be that the carb is broken because I had some backfires? I had some back and after fires because of the ignition problem I had. Any help is welcome!
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