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  1. I have a 64' which is leaking oil from where I believe is the oil pan and I would like to change the pan gasket. I've heard jacking the motor up will work but what should I worry about when doing this other than loosening the motor mounts and transmission?
  2. I've heard that under the passanger side front carpet, there is a build sheet for the car. I was just wandering if this is true and if so, about where is it?
  3. I currently am using the twist in spacers from the picture above in a 64' Riv for a while now and have had no problems. While its not always as precise as I would sometimes like, it gets the job done.
  4. Thanks for the help but would anyone know as to whether the same points could be used for a 327 as a 401 or 425.
  5. What points could you use for a 425ci Nail head...and on another topic, what was the original exhaust diameter for a 64' Riviera.
  6. I currently have a 1964 Riviera and have been putting Comp Cams oil with a zinc and phosphorus additive in it supposedly formulated for older motors. I was just wondering if older motors really need the zinc and phosphorus to lubricate them or can i just put any modern oil in it.
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