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  1. Hello, What is involved in installing a rebuilt clutch and throw-out bearing in a 1930 Franklin 145? Thanks! Bill
  2. Can one of you kind folks tell me what the fluid capacity is for a 1930 Franklin Transmission? Also, what is the proper weight that should be used for the transmission fluid? Thanks for the help! Bill
  3. Don, As far as a replacement for your sheared off screw, you can get two replacement screws at Langs Old Car Parts (www.modeltford.com). Their part number is 5023-4-5. I know these are for a Ford Model T, but they are exact replacements and work fine. My 1930 starters (I have two) do not have the two shims that you show in the picture. Regards, Bill Jewell
  4. Mike, What is the condition of your bendix and how much do you want for it? Can you please send a couple of photos? Thanks Bill
  5. I have a back-up starter (Delco Remy 723-C) for my 1930 Franklin that I need to replace the gear on the bendix. Could someone please advise how to go about replacing the gear? Thanks! Bill
  6. Hello, I have a 1930 Franklin that appears to have the starter stuck to the flywheel. I have been running and driving it recently and now the starter appears to be stuck. Any suggestions on getting it loose? thanks! Bill
  7. I need to buy some Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets for my 1930 Franklin. Anyone know of a good source? Thanks! Bill
  8. Gentlemen, I have a spare starter for my 1930 Franklin that I need to repair or replace the entire bendix mechanism on. Would the Model T bendix set work on my Franklin if I installed the larger spring? Would any other modifications be required? Thanks for the help! Bill
  9. Hello, I have a 1930 Franklin that I need to check for leaks in my Intake manifold and Exhaust manifold. Since the engine heats up so quickly, what is the best way to search for leaks on these two manifolds? Thanks for your help! Bill
  10. Hello, I am attempting to adjust the valves on my 1930 Franklin and have run into an issue that I have not seen before. I adusted the valves for cylinders 1, 4, and 2. When I got to cylinder 6 I am finding that i cannot get the gap to open for the exhaust valve. The "rocker arm" / walking beam will not lift off of the top of the valve no matter how much I turn the screw. I hand cranked the engine a few times and I am seeing the exhaust valve open and close. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem with the valve or walking beam? Thanks for any help or advise! Have a Great Thanksgiving! Bill Jewell Arlington, Texas (cell) 817-739-8565
  11. what is the total length of a brake shoe return spring for a 32 Auburn? Thanks!!
  12. Gordon, I just need a spring with a hook on each end. The round end was some type of modification made many years ago. Thanks Bill Jewell 817-739-8565
  13. Hello, I am in need of a 9 inch long brake shoe return spring. The "spring" part should be around 4 inches long. Please let me know if you have one or know of a possible source. Thanks! Bill email: Oldradios@aol.com
  14. Sorry, Meant to say... Let me know if you have one or know of a source. Thanks! Bill Jewell
  15. Hello, I am in need of a Brake Shoe Return Spring for a 1930 Franklin. Please let me have one or know of a possible source. A reproduction is fine. Thanks! Bill Jewell email: Oldradios@aol.com
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