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  1. I have a beautiful carved hearse body that was removed and stored in the 30s. I'm told they repurposed the chassis. It is right hand drive and I am including a photo of the firewall. It looks to be a 4 cylinder? Any information would be greatly appreciated. One gentleman suggested Stutz, another suggested early Cadillac. Thanks!


  2. I have for sale a 1936 Lincoln K Seven Passenger sedan. It is not REALLY a barn find but was stored in a museum in St.Louis , Mo. for a lot of years. Still has the original dark blue paint ( Gradually removing itself) from the aluminum body. There is NO rust out and the wood is good. Dual sidemounts and a trunk rack. Now for the good part, the engine has been rebuilt with new cylinder heads, rebore, pistons, valves, guides, bearings, and new porcelain on the manifolds. The fuel pump, water pump, carb. and fuel tank have also been gone through. The interior is very presentable with some slight mouse/moth damage. Tires are older 17" Denmans. the Lincoln runs quietly and holds good oil pressure with no overheat. Drives very nice, but does have a noisy speedometer. I would like $33,000.00 for the car with a clean Mo. title and the original manuals. Please contact me if you are interested as I have lots of photos. THANKS! The car is located in Owensville, Mo. 314-578-7203

  3. I have been considering selling my 1937 C-17 Chrysler Airflow. It is a RUSTFREE Colorado car with lots of documentation including the build sheet from Chrysler. The odometer shows 26,000 miles which I believe to be correct. The car is equipped with the banjo steering wheel, radio, and heater. The color was changed from the original tan to light green in the 50's. It still has the partial tool roll that came with the car. The work I have done on the car is new wide whitewall tires, some glass has been replaced due to separation, fuel tank has been sealed, rebuilt the fuel sending unit, rebuilt the wheel cyls. and master cyl. needs new front brake lines (included). Engine runs fine with no visable smoke, rest of driveline seems ok including the overdrive. The interior is original and needs some work as the mice have gotten to it in several places. The dash is beautiful and even has a tachometer! It has been stored some years in my garage and might need some work to be dependable again. I drove it quite a bit years ago. I am asking $13,000.00 for the car and some extra parts that I have including an extra good radiator. THANKS FOR LOOKING! Mike 314-578-7203

  4. I need (4) .030 pistons for a 1936 Lincoln V-12. Engine was only 4,000 miles since a complete overhaul. Passenger side cylinder head eroded a hole over number 11 cylinder filling it and 3 others with anti freeze. I pulled the passenger side block and had it sleeved, valve guides, and seats installed. I need four good pistons to finish the block. Egge has only 3. Please PM me or call 314 578-7203 in Mo. HELP! THANKS!

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