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  1. I currently own some of the 1933 Continental Cars. Let me start off here by saying this post is extremely hard on me. I lost my husband a few months ago and these were our pride and joy. We spent many of trips and hours looking for parts to restore one and even found an original engine just before he started having health issues. I have 3 continental, a 2 door sedan Beacon in great condition, a Beacon Business Coupe, a good sold car, have the engine needed to make original and a 4 door Flyer, also a good sold car but we never got to figuring out what it might need. And of course parts we picked up along the way. At some point I will probably sell because I can not drive them and can't see letting them sit, but I'm not ready yet.
  2. We are in need of a 4 cylinder Continental (C400) engine, for a 1933 Continental Beacon. Do you happen to know anyone who might have a working one? Ours is cracked beyond repair.
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