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  1. Looking for advice for the Pistons in my 1956 Buick Special. One of my Pistons has started to break up around the ring. Looking for somewhere to buy a replacement. Does anyone know if these Pistons have a history of being bad? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Rod.
  2. Hi , are Rover Buick lifters the same as those used in a 1956 Buick ? My lifter, lifters collapsed on the way home last night and I need to replace. Can anyone recommend a supplier for one or two lifters. Thanks. Kind regards Rod
  3. Well you wont believe it the prop end arrived Friday. A chap four units down, has just acquired a wire cutter same day, wants to play with it, so he is going to make me a new prop end, fit it all up and weld and balance it for £175. Well, I have a spare now, offered it up to pinion, nice fit !!! uk rodney
  4. Hello Thomas, prop shaft arrived in Texas and my friend has cut off diff end of prop and it should be on its way to uk. Interesting comments on your disc brakes. Kind regards UK Rodney
  5. Hi Leif, thanks for your reply. I've made contact with the importer you recommended. I'm still waiting for prices, don't think he's started on it yet. I've gone ahead with John D's recommendation, they have one but won't export to UK. Fortunately I have a friend in Texas who will ship in on to me. Thanks again Leif and thanks too, to Airy Cat and John D for your help and information. The advice given from all of you has been really helpful and I hope to get the Buick up and running again soon. Kind regards Rodney UK
  6. Thanks for the information Leif. The prop is currently in an engineering shop and I'm waiting to hear from another shop that can do wire cutting of splines for prop. End pinion is in good condition and I have a spare diff. Hope to find out more tomorrow. Unfortunately I have not been able to make contact with the car breaker via the email address you gave me, many thanks all the same. Kind regards Rod Pegg
  7. Female end of prop has turned on pinion shaft. Can anyone supply me with new female end or advise me as to where I can obtain them? Is male pinion shaft size on 1956 one size only, will other years fit??? I would be grateful for any assistance anyone can offer. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Thanks for your reply Peter - nothing in UK so far. Sorry to hear about your friend Paul. I'd be most grateful if you could put me in touch with your friend Paul. I have a friend in Marble Falls TX. I also have contact details of someone who ships container loads to UK. So looks like a 56 box or nothing else is going to fit. Kind regards Rod
  9. Re: Dynaflow box - is it possible to use another torque converter on a 56 trans? I have found an auto box repair shop that know dynaflows, been quoted £1500.00 for a rebuild - bands, clutch pack, and seals, extra for other parts. Thank you for your offer of a box, 54 Fins, you're the spirit of Hot Rodding. Thanks everyone for all your reply's, much appreciated. Ps. I have a manual and will be starting work on the car this Saturday.
  10. Thanks for prompt reply Paul, spoke to Auto Gear Box repair who seem to think 2.2k pounds to rebuild dynaflow. I'll check out kits and other auto shops
  11. Can anyone help. My gear box on my 56 Buick Special seems to have given up. Heard a loud screeching noise and lost all drive about a mile from home. Had it towed back to friends farm where I inspected the linkage, all seemed ok so decided to start engine in neutral, all fine. Drove around field, everything normal, decided to drive home and after one mile, same thing happened again. No 56 parts available in UK but have been advised to use an adapter with GM400 box, as you know this will mean finding a back axle and all that goes with it, Any ideas on the availability and prices of working dyna-flow in the States. I've sourced a 61 dynaflow, can I bolt my bell-housing to this box???
  12. Been looking at Chevy HE distributors, does anyone know if they can be adapted for a 56 Buick - has anyone done this ??? Been finding it difficult to get spares for the distributor. I've now repaired the clips that held the cap down as couldn't locate new ones. Could only get old stock re vacuum advance and retire canister. Looking for a replacement distributor - any thoughts on this ??? Thanks for your comments Alf. Regards Rod
  13. Hi, my distributor hold down clip is broken and I have lost the copper pipe to carb. I need clips and pipe with fittings and advance and retard canister, diaphragm has disintegrated. Can anyone offer any advice on a supplier for these parts. Many thanks Rod
  14. I am having dificulty finding spare parts for a water pump. Would be grateful if anyone has any information about availability of spares. I am located in the UK and cannot find one here. A new pump would be great. Can anyone advise? Thanks Rod