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  1. I'm looking for the flywheel cover and exhaust manifold. Price? Thanks
  2. I'm in need of a flywheel cover for a 31' Hudson Greater 8 coupe. Any help in finding one would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Is the fly-wheel available? I have a need for one for a 31' Hudson Greater 8 engine. Thanks
  4. I'd be interested in one of the front axle hubs if available. I'm looking for a correct replacement on my 31' Hudson 8 cp. The grease cap threads measure 2-5/8 across threads. Not sure if your is the same. Thanks
  5. I'm in need of a front wheel hub or whole wheel assembly for a 31' Hudson cp. It's a 18" wheel,10 spoke, 8-bolts on 7" hub center. Has 2-5/8" hub threads for the grease cap. I have the whole wheel but the hub center is not the correct size for the grease cap. Thanks!
  6. Wanted: Hood ornament for a 31' Hudson CP. Must be in nice or good restorable condition.
  7. Any nice caps for a 31' Hudson? Thread diameter ~2.7"
  8. Richard, Can you send some better shots of the 30' Hudson/Essex dash? Thanks
  9. Hi, The last picture may be close to what I need. 32; Dodge 1/2 ton PU. 12 spoke,19"tire, grease cap thread diameter is 2.5". Let me know if its close....Thanks
  10. Looking for decent radio core for a 48' dodge 3/4 B1-C pu. Model #810 or 805 (vertical mount). Just need to fill the delete slot in the dash. Also looking for two door/window access panels...1948-1953. Thanks
  11. Selling complete engine and 3spd trans-fan to trans: 1929? Dodge Brothers DA 6cyl Engine: H-22589 Trans case #270021 Carb:Tillotson 1695671, JR4A6 Exhaust manifold: 210403
  12. A Diamond in the rough............1932 Dodge Brothers F-10 1/2 ton PU /w 109" wheel base.
  13. Hi, I have a 25' DB Coupe for sale If your interested. Located in Ca.
  14. This is an actual picture of the DD engine in my 32' DB 1/2 ton pickup. Thanks, but I did finally find the correct master cylinder and just re-sleeved it. Going to install it today if all goes well. And yes, I do have the 29' engine and trans for sale.
  15. Post is old but thought I'd throw my two cents in.....I believe the Merchant Express was a 1/2 ton,1929 model only. It came with a 109" wheel base and a 4-cylinder engine. I have a 32' 1/2 ton F-10 pickup but it wasn't called a Merchant Express, 1/2 ton Models were UF-10 (4-cyl) or the optional F-10 (6-cyl) model both with 109' wheel base. Wood spoked wheels, No extra window behind the door and full rear window.
  16. I'm looking for a 1929 master cylinder,1-1/4" bore,Lockheed/Wagner. I've attached some picts,let me know if you might have one. Thanks!
  17. Yes, This is a mopar......The F-10 (6-cyl)designation probably brought to mind a Ford. It's actually a 1932 Dodge Brothers 1/2 ton pickup...rare model, very similar to the DB merchant express pickup. I understand that some 1929 and up Plymouth U models also shared this type of master cylinder.
  18. I'm in need of a 1928-32 Wagner/Lockheed master brake cylinder 1-1/4" bore.Any chance you might have one there? This is for my 32" F-10 PU. Picts attached. Thanks! UOTE=countrytravler;1097182]Have 2 trailer loads of D/B, Mopar parts. Call with needs. I need detailed desciption of the parts needed. Have a lot of body, drivetrain,int. and many more parts. 209 613 1199. Thanks Dave.:cool:[ATTACH=CONFIG]162029[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162039[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162040[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162041[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162042[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162030[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]162031[/ATTACH]
  19. I know this is an old post......but do you happen to still have any of these master cylinders left. I need one for my 32'Dodge...they are the same. Thanks!
  20. I need a master cylinder for 32' DB 1/2 ton PU...Can you let me know if you have one that looks like the picture.Thanks
  21. I have a front bumper for a 1926-27 Gardner. Needs refinishing. $200.+shipping.
  22. DA-6 Engine does not turn,Trans shifts easily. 1929 Engine: H-22589 Exhaust manifold: 210403 Trans case #270021 Carb:Tillotson 1695671, JR4A Make reasonable offer. Pickup only.
  23. Clare30, Thanks for the good explanation and the nice bumper photos. Great looking Dodges! I think what I have is a 26'-27' Gardner front bumper as describer by dc-8dave and a 29'-30' DA front bumper. I think I have it right now...... Thanks for helping me sort this out everyone!!!!! What a great site!
  24. Not a problem..........This is a great site...a lot of knowledgeable people here!
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