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  1. Hi Vintageben,

    Sorry can’t answer your question but I would guess the answer could be it might depend on who it was that built the body, I believe that the Chryslers were brought into Australia as a rolling chassis with the cowl installed and the rest of the body was build here by various body builders. I would agree with you that the 2 type was probably use on lesser models than the 75, my 1929 Roadster and tourer models 65 have the 2nd type even my Sedan have a similar hinge.

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  2. Thanks for the info Graeme, interesting you mention Northampton as in 1926 there were two Chrysler's registered in the Northampton Road Board district, like I said it's a shame The Carnamah site does mention the models.

    A.G. Drage, rego NR 78 Chrysler Northampton  although Trove says that the rego was NR.51— A. G. Drage, Chrysler 80.

     the second car registered owner  K. Maley, rego NR 129 Chrysler Northampton interestingly enough married a Janet Jean DRAGE in Nothampton in 1928, who happens to be the daughter of Albert George DRAGE who owns the Chrysler Imperial 80, interesting stuff this detective work but I think you better PM as this may not be interesting to the other members of the forum,

    Let’s get back to talking about our cars.

  3. G’day over in the west, looks like a great project and I sure you’ll have the old girl back on the road for her 100th birthday.

    just some info for you.

    CWC= Campbell Wynat and Cannon foundry

    TDA= Timken Detroit Axle. Timken- Detroit became Rockwell in -1953.

    can you please give us a head on photo of the Fedco ID plate, no big thing as I think I can see the E at the bottom of the Chrysler emblem at the front at the Bottom as the Fedco number should be starting with an E, the front letter can be a bit hard to read because of the emblem being there.

    Cheers from Sydney.


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  4. Yes there are a lot of posts regarding vacuum tank restoration in the forum,  this one is very good with videos as well.

    also a lot of videos on the web if your have a Stewart model this is good.




    Good luck, I did mine, fairly easy and it has been working over 20 years without giving any grief.

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  5. 31LaSalle, if you notice there is a gap between the Oil Pan and flywheel cover and the metal strap with the felt are there to stop dust and dirt getting into that gap, and yes it is thick felt and the strap shouldn’t be flat but have a contour or lip to it to allow for the difference in the thickness of the pan and flywheel cover and the felt flexibility follows the contour to make a good seal.

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