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  1. Does anyone know if there's someone out there making reproduction of the generic junior model Trunk Rack Emblems? (similar to the one pictured but it would say "Packard" twice, instead of "Eight") Please let me know as I need 2 for my side skirts on my 115. (open to other ideas)
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for a pair of 35-37 Junior Trunk Rack Knobs....hopefully in full chrome, good condition. Thanks.
  3. Thanks...that may fit...I'll have to check the specs. Ultimately, I'd prefer a newly fabricated one, if anyone knows who would make one, PLEASE let me know!
  4. Here's your chance to "match your car" and wear appropriate attire to shows and meetings! I am Reese's Vintage Pieces and I specialize in menswear from the 20s through the 60s. I always have 150-200 suits in stock from size 36-50 (occasionally I'll get a little smaller or larger). I have the best selection of men's suits in the world...trust me, Ive looked. Plus I love cars...I'm a Packard owner as well. If you're looking for something in particular please let me know at ReesesVP@gmail .com Otherwise, check out my online shop and check back often as I'm always adding "new" pieces. www.etsy.com/shop/ReesesVintagePieces Thanks, Mr. Reese
  5. Does anyone make a NEW/Reproduction Gas tank for a 36-39 Junior Packard? I can't seem to locate one.
  6. Does anyone make a GAS TANK for a 1937 Jr. Packard??? I can't find one anywhere?
  7. Anyone have the under-hood Horn Trumpets for a 1936-39 115C? I'm assuming they didnt change much between the junior & senior models, but I just want the right sound for my horn! Please let me know!
  8. I heard about this car on another classic car site...& I live about 20 min away...if anyone ever gets ahold of the seller, let me know & I'll go take a look at get some pictures...
  9. That's strange that there is no rubber on the Junior models...I hope Steele will take their order back! Do you think I could get a snap from a fabric store or would it be better to just go to a place wear they install convertible tops?
  10. That's great info, thanks...I did see a snap on the metal frame of the top, but I couldn't find a second snap in the middle of the top's frame (near the window). In all of the restoration sites online, including magazines like Kantors & Steele, they all say that there is rubber molding/weatherstriping that runs along the side of the top...is this not true? What kind of material is used between the top and the top of the windshield...rubber or foam? Does it adhere to the top or do I need to drill rubber into the top's wooden bow? Any pictures would be helpful! & I will be greatful! Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the help, but my top isn't "weighted" at all, so when I get above 50 on the hwy the sides of the top (above the windows) always flap around...I would just think there would be something to keep the weather out... Anybody else know? Anyone have a late 30s/40s convertible that would take pictures to show me?
  12. I have a 37 conv 115 & there was no molding / weatherstripping on it so I bought it online, but it didnt come with directions and I can't seam to find a single picture to show how it was installed, online. The molding is to fill the gap between the top of the window & the bottom of the top, as well as the piece that goes between the top & the top of the windshield, as seen circled in the picture below: Does anyone have a convertible (36-39) that they wouldnt mind sending me or posting close up pictures of the rubber molding used & how its installed? Can anyone direct me to some pictures or installation directions online? Thanks
  13. Does anyone know where I can get one strip of rubber molding for the quarter-front window for my 37 Packard convertible, and a couple of matching lock cylinders with keys?
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