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  1. thanks a million for the clarification!!!
  2. Thanks for the response. Still curious to know if the backside design makes min an ignition lock versus a door or trunk? any follow up would be appreciated.
  3. Wondering if someone could verify this lock? It's got the double sided 34-35 key. I think it's for Buick ignition, and possibly other G.M. cars of the period? Anybody willing to verify or correct?
  4. No, Frank, there's none whatsoever. All I know or think I kn0w is that the ribbed bezel is familiar to locks from early 50's thru 58 and the rod has 9093 on it.
  5. Correction on the number on the shaft, it's 9093...Mike
  6. Hey guys: Hoping someone can help me nail the application of this trunk lock? Research tells me it's of the 53-58 era due to the ribbed escutcheon. and I've seen a million similar on the internet, but nothing with anything close to the short 9303 shaft.
  7. Hey Pontiac guys: I posted this inquiry on the Oldsmobile site, and didn't get any response. I'm wondering which G.M. cars of the early to mid 30's had a wheel bolt circle of 4 1/4 inches. I'm thinking possibly Olds and Pontiac? Possibly others? I know Chev. had 6 bolts. Any response would helpful to me in identifying application of an old spare tire lock I have. My measurements tell me it fits 4 1/4 inch circle. Has a Hurd key with G.M stamped on it. Thanks
  8. I'm looking at some 51 Pontiac front fender trim on ebay. It has the 3 stars separate from the main piece and they bolt on. I've got some that has the 3 stars formed into the panel so it's one piece. What's the deal? Is one design an aftermarket deal? Is there an early and late design Or???? Can anyone satisfy my curiosity?
  9. I've got this old spare tire lock that looks like by my measurements that it fits a 5 bolt wheel with a 4 1/4 inch bolt circle. The Hurd key has GM stamped on it. I've seen similar ones for the 6 bolt Chevrolet wheels, and think it's for the mid 30's Any info as to what GM cars of that era had a 5 bolt 4 1/4 inch pattern could help me I.D. it. I'm thinking Olds and Pontiac? Not sure about others?
  10. At this time, it's kind of exploratory, but am kind of interested in general in the process of pot metal repair, on these kinds of stands, and other similar parts. Would be grateful to hear from anyone who's done it, and what product was used.
  11. Well...contacted the filling station, and looked at their online catalog, and saw the mounting gaskets that they sell, and noted the applications that they claim. After that I contacted the guy that's been making them for 29 years, and he says that the 36 car (Chev.) 37 truck (chev.) and 37-40 GMC are the same, and the 38 Chev truck is longer and different. He says there's an error in the filling station's catalog, and I'm kind of leaning toward believing him, as he's probably been making these deals longer than some of the filling station guys have been alive?
  12. Well..Yes, they are, but,...There's one guy that says his fit 37 Chev trucks and 36 Chev passenger cars, ONLY!!, I'm inclined to think he knows, but have seen guys selling them on e-bay that claim the 37 Chev truck ones also fit 37 GMC, and possibly later? Have heard that none of the car ones interchange with the truck ones and Yahta Yahta Yahta. Would sure like to hear from some bow tie experts with no skin in the game related to selling something that might have the straight skinny. What I do know for sure is that the 37-38 car ones look the same, and probably way different from 36 car. Other than that, I'm clueless.
  13. Guys: I'm a little confused about what fits what, and what years are the same concerning those pot metal headlight mounts on the 36-38 Chev cars and trucks. I've seen confusing information on e-bay posted by guys that are trying to sell them. One guy says the 36 car and the 37 truck are the same and the 38 truck is longer and different. Another guy says the 37 & 38 truck are the same and the 36 car is different. Would be really grateful to anyone that could straighten this out for me. Any pictures and/or casting numbers would be great, and also wondering if anyone out there has had any luck trying to weld, braze, solder them when they begin to crack, and what to use? Thanks a million in advance for any and all responses.
  14. Negative on the boot deal. I have an old Chrysler boot, but the spacing is all different. Comes to me though, that someone out there might have a boot, and the measurements might be easier to get from the boot than from the car?
  15. Guys: Thanks to the 107 of you who were interested enough to look at my post. I still, though don't have any replies or measurements. Hoping now that winter's gone in most places that someone might be willing to take tape measure in hand? A million thanks to anyone that will.
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