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  1. Thank you Morgan and Hugh. I can say that the coolant coming out of the overflow tube looks very clean. I was wondering about Evans coolant. I will get some of that, do a flush and then put that in and see how it does. I do think my system has been too full. Thank you all for the feedback and expertise.
  2. Good morning, I wanted to tap into this community to see if anyone else has had a 1919 Buick H-45 or similar with a 6 cylinder engine that runs a bit warm. I just acquired this vehicle, changed the belt from the leather , which was too loose, to a rubber belt. If I run the car a few miles and stop the engine the radiator boils over. The moto meter is only registering about half way up the scale. Thanks for any ideas or help. John
  3. I just acquired a 1919 Buick H-45 and would like to get the 100 year badge for it. Thanks John
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