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  1. That's great!...mine is from May, 1903....a member sent me a link to the news letter printed the following week...mine is not silver...I has a jewler look at it.
  2. Thank you for the input on this. My intent is to keep it and leave as is. I will post more info if and when I find it. Rob
  3. Do you know a reputable appraiser who could help with what mine could be worth? I feel it's difficult to compare one to another because they are all unique in their own way
  4. Thank you all for the information on this trophy. I plan on keeping it, but not have it restored at this time. I am open to your opinions as to it's retail value, as I would like to insure it. Regards, Rob
  5. It was found in New Jersey in an old horse stable that was converted into a garage. An antique dealer that went out of business in the 1980's rented the top floor of the garage for storage. The antiques became the property of the owner after the dealer passed. I was fortunate enough to be the first one to sift through everything. I did use a cream metal cleaner on only the inscripted area over 18 months ago with no adverse effects.. It looks to be made from silver. I contacted Bonham's about the car, but they have not located it since it was sold in 2007
  6. Found: First Prize trophy from the Empire City Meet Race at Yonkers,N.Y May31, 1903. The winning car was a 35 h.p Panhard belonging to J.Insley Blair and driven by Joseph Tracy. Bonhams Auction house claims there is only 1 known example of this car to exist pre-1905. They sold that car in 1997 for approximately $570,000. I'm looking for anyone with information about this trophy or car. Thank You
  7. re:maxwell07 I have to disagree with you on using ebay as a reference. When you look at the bidders history, you will find that shilling is a common practice, reguardless of setting a reserve price or not. I have got burned on 2 auctions for '32 Fords I supposedly "won", only to have the seller tell me that the car was sold before the auction ended, etc,etc.
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