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  1. Thanks for that. Ours is stuck together with araldite, several times. Problem is the clamp in the centre is not strong enough and spins on the tube. Also the key on the inside of the bracket has worn away.
  2. Hi all, The stationary control bracket on our 1928 Buick Std 6 is shot, and we are looking for a way to replace it. But we think there might be something missing that stops the levers moving too far. Our levers move 90 degrees on the steering wheel, but the gears on the bottom of the tubes should only move thru 45 degrees. Any ideas please? Our bracket does not look like the picture in the 1928 parts list. 257269. Were RHD cars different or is ours the earlier pattern?
  3. Hi, is anyone making new wheel rim bolts for 1928 wooden wheels, or has anyone got 10 or so in good condition please?
  4. Hi all The stationary control bracket 257269 in the centre of our 1928 Std 6 steering wheel has fallen apart again. It is now in 10 pieces. Has anyone got a good second hand one or a solution to this problem please?
  5. Hi on our 1928 Buick 114" we have oil leaking along the rear axle main shaft. It overflows though the grease drip and is getting into the hub cap, but not into the brakes. The leak is on the left side only. I cannot see a felt seal or anything similar in the parts list. Has anyone else had this problem please? Phil www.1928buick.com
  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. Just been out driving, and it makes you smile all the way
  7. It has been a long but very enjoyable re-build, and all worth it yesterday when we drove the Buick on the road for the first time since 1955, or 1935 depending how you define 'on the road'. It spent 20 years from 1935 towing a gang mower on a golf course. https://1928buick.wordpress.com/00-latest-update-november-2016-on-the-road/ Many thanks for all your help and advice on this forum.
  8. Hi Greg I was wondering how the rivets were fitted in the centre of the torque tube. I think we might have identified the missing bolt size, but it is not easy to buy imperial British sizes locally anymore. Progress?
  9. Hi the third bolt is a different size. We now think that the 2 missing bolt holes have been drilled & tapped oversize, and it looks like 1/2" x 16tpi, a British BSF size. I have ordered 2 bolts to try.
  10. Unfortunately the 2 bolts that are fitted appear to be smaller than the 2 that are missing.
  11. Hi Greg, that is what I was thinking also.
  12. Hi, 2 bolts are missing from my 1928 Std 6 Strut Rod Front Bracket. I can't find them in the parts list. Can someone tell me what size they are please?
  13. Hi all, nearly finished after 7 years - https://1928buick.wordpress.com/00-latest-update-october-2016-finishing-touches/
  14. Hi, can someone please help with a good speedo cable for my 1928 Buick Std 6 please, or an old one to copy please. thanks Phil
  15. Hi all, can you help please with a stationary control bracket 257269 for my 1928 Std 6. Restoration is nearly finished and we found this bracket all broken up.
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