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  1. Can anyone help identify this rotisserie?

    it has a 4 inch square beam that has cross bars that attach to the vehicle, it is really heavy duty. A73A6C49-24EA-4C48-A682-1D97FE1D2AEF.thumb.jpeg.3dc93c64b4c482d4a7d2dbd7edad419e.jpegFA50BD2D-0D5E-42EB-BF37-54B816AFCEBD.thumb.jpeg.c24f69b5e2dbd32b40d0888b7396308a.jpeg 

    i would like to know the manufacturer so I can get some additional information on the unit.



  2. I'm picking away at my project, mounting exhaust manifolds with new hardened bolts, the manual says 10 to 15 ft/lbs which seems really loose. I am missing 2french locks but will get them. Should I go more than the 10-15 or stick with the manual? Should I be using lock washerrs or no?

    thanks for your input!

  3. Thank you, thank you very much Keith.


    Randy, I wasn't  trying to prompt a debate or piss anyone off, merely trying to keep the P/M forum lively with a bit of humor. But if anyone would like to start a debate, have at it, in you own thread.  I'll certainly defend the Modified Division or any other division that might bring more members to the club and perhaps give new life to some old forgotten Buick.    

     Mr. Earl did mention the highlighted area...