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  1. Can anyone help identify this rotisserie? it has a 4 inch square beam that has cross bars that attach to the vehicle, it is really heavy duty. i would like to know the manufacturer so I can get some additional information on the unit. thanks jerry
  2. Thanks for the help and quick replies!
  3. I'm picking away at my project, mounting exhaust manifolds with new hardened bolts, the manual says 10 to 15 ft/lbs which seems really loose. I am missing 2french locks but will get them. Should I go more than the 10-15 or stick with the manual? Should I be using lock washerrs or no? thanks for your input!
  4. It seems all the "Buick Coins" I have are tied up in my project...
  5. You can use the catalog instead of the corn cobs as occasional treat during clean up...
  6. Very nice Lamar, But What's with the hood ornament? I know it was made in china but? I would have to take the Dremel to it and repaint...
  7. http://www.autocityclassic.com/1957/ Auto city classics shows a new one as well...
  8. that is very cool, like I have nothing else to look for, now I gotta find one of these too...
  9. at least you took your time to reply and made sure all the spelling was correct!
  10. Make it happen, Or maybe a memorabilia page... Not everyone will participate but some of us have some vintage items that the chebby guys don't appreciate .
  11. there is a liquid that is used in model building, not the old fashioned air plane glue. this stuff melts the plastic a little then it hardens up in seconds..." plasti weld" check hobby stores try an hidden spot.
  12. Do a google search for images, I wouldn't know what is correct but it will look awesome in red,white or blue
  13. I wish I was down the street from you! Then I would be trying to work out getting new door panels too!
  14. Mr. Earl did mention the highlighted area...
  15. There was a fluid called "Dexron/Mercon" is "Mercon" the same or ok to use? My local Napa had some many types of fluids but all the Dexron types were synthetic... I am going to look at other shops, just thought I would ask about the "straight Mercon"
  16. im am sure you are, but being it is upside down... righty tighty- lefty loosy.
  17. LOOK AT ALL THAT ROOM! my garage is 24 X 28 and I have a bench, a 54 body on a trailer, 54 frame, engine on stand , air compressor, fridge, a couple work tables, welder, harley... Oh wait I need more room too!
  18. Put them on skates and you can move them around as needed! besides it looks like you plenty of room! but seriously, more pictures...
  19. Actually, does the engine color paint seem a bit off from original?
  20. Hi There, while I have no idea what the lens came from, were you able to save the old ford or the 32 Harley?
  21. Here is my 2 cents... I have the body off of my 54 and the pre-bent line from inline isn't as close as they tell ya over the phone. the second one they sent me is at least bent the correct direction... I am cleaning and reusing my original.