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  1. The car is a 1954 New Yorker with 2 brake wheel cylinders on each front wheel. It looks like the top cylinder and the bottom cylinder take a different seal kit. There's 2 kits available and labeled as top and bottom. Is this correct? Seems like all 4 would use the same kit. Thanks for any help. Joe
  2. My car is a 4bl and I didn't notice any water passages on the carb. The manual does mention water in the manifold. I'm just getting the car back on the road so just finding the hot start problem. I'm going to try a vented fuel filter first, considered the electric pump for prime but decided to go with the easiest first. The manual does mention percolation valves built into the carb but says there's no adjustment. So if I understand the tank vent ends higher then the tank and in a safe place at the frame. Thanks for the help, Joe
  3. Thanks Tom, so the small 1/8" line just ends up at the frame? Just vents to the air? I'm trying to solve a hot start vapor lock / percolation problem and was thinking of adding a vented fuel filter and a return back to the tank. I wondered if the vent ran all the way up front but I could tie on back at the joint at the tank. Do you have trouble with hot starts? Joe
  4. My 54 has a large vent hose in the fuel filler neck and a smaller hose. The small hose changes to tube and heads toward the front in the frame rail. Can anyone tell me what it's for? I suppose it vents something fuel related around the engine. I can't find anything under the hood and can't locate where it comes back out from the frame. Thanks, Joe
  5. If the temp never gets to 180 that makes sense on the thermostat. I'll try to determine if any coolant is getting by. No shutters but will make sure the heater is off. The butterfly on the exhaust is what I call the heat riser, it was frozen shut and I took it off for now. As you say it wouldn't heat coolant temp, just warm-up. Joe
  6. I installed a temp gauge with numbers. It reads 170 and I have checked with a thermometer at the sender in the block, it says 170. The thermostat is new and it replaced another new one with same results. It's possible I could have two bad ones and I could check. Doesn't a hotter thermostat open and close at that temp, so a 180 should be 180 and a 190 should be 190?
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I think I deleted my previous post. It sounds like they were slow to warm-up and If I repair the heat riser that could help. But after a good drive it doesn't get over 170 on the temp with a 180 thermostat. Does anyone know of a hotter thermostat that fits? It would be great to here from others with similar cars if they run so cold. Thanks, Joe
  8. Thanks for your response. Any comments on the bias look radials? I'd hate to lose my wheel covers as I just bought them. Thanks, Joe
  9. Greetings, I need 800-15 tires for a '54 Chrysler. Should I go bias or radial? Are the bias look radials a good compromise? Would like it to drive well, original car but not looking to have it judged. What brand or supplier do people like. Thanks, Joe
  10. Does anyone have experience with the straight sided u-joint retainers? They fit in a slot in the yoke and joint and bend over to lock on the outside of the yoke. The new clips may be hard steel and don't bend. Are they heated to bend? Is there a source for retainers/clips that work? Hate to use heat and damage the new u-joint. Thanks
  11. Would like to buy wheel covers for my 1954 New Yorker Deluxe. These have the large gold cross. Need 3 but will buy 4 if needed. Prefer good condition. Thanks, jpowers316@msn.com
  12. Have them out because the car was stored and engine was stuck. Engine still in the car but new rings and rod bearings and going back together, cam's still in. Engine is fairly clean and low mileage so just checking things as I go. And heads off with valve job. Joe
  13. This is a '54 331, looks like what's used is the Sealed Power HT812 used in the later engines. Sounds like it works OK. Joe
  14. They get firm but move maybe a 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch after filling with oil and that's with a good push. One does have more give but does stay firm. They still had oil in them and weren't too dirty but had sat for a long time. Thanks for your help, Joe
  15. Hello, I have the lifters out and cleaning them up. Should there be any squish or movement at all after cleaned up and filled with oil? They do get firm but can be moved maybe a 1/8 inch. Otherwise they seem in good shape and was just trying to prevent problems before going back together. Thanks, Joe