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  1. Any idea on what car this tire and rim belong to? It has original Michelin 5.50-16 has made in England on tire and has Canada patented 1952 on tire. I will sell if someone needs this?
  2. It really saddens me the way things are changing, I had always had a classic car as a daily driver up until 3 years ago,There does seem to be a change in the public with classics, as if its a public owned object If its a classic, its free to poke and prod with as you wish. I recently was on a cruse with my friend in my 1966 Chevy Biscayne we stopped at a gas station and I asked him if he was coming in with me, he was unsure and just stayed in the car. I then told him I need to lock up if so, He laughed, After I came out of the store he proceed to tell me (I see what you mean) He laid back in the seat and some guy stuck his head through the window and scared the hell out of him. I have in recent years ran into more and more of this type of thing.
  3. Last night I went to dinner with my wife in our 1960 Chevy Impala. And when proceeding to leave the restaurant I see in the back of the parking lot (where I parked far away from other vehicles) this middle aged man going all over my car, the way I would expect a body shop doing an estimate on full body work. Then before I approach my car I see what looks like him trying to open the passenger side door (was Locked). I quickly approached him and asked "Are You Messing With My Car" He quickly got uncomfortably close we stared at each other for a minute and he asks me what the hell is my problem! its an old car! He being the gentleman that he is, spit on the ground close to my foot and walked away. Well it made me think how would he react if I was close to his car trying to open the door when he stepped out of the restaurant? I'm sure he would call the police or in his case probably try to fight. I have been fortunate enough to own many classics over the years, and please! do not get me wrong, I love the attention that all my cars have gotten! I have had the pleasure to meet many wonderful people due to my classics. This just made me think tho........Just because they are classics are they different than other peoples vehicles? and are under a free range of public property?........I am curious if any of you have had a similar experience? And what is your take on this?
  4. Thanks for all the helpfull info, It does have the switch for the off and on, I turned it to the on position so it should be good, I will pick up a battery for it and see if I can get it going, My other 55 does not have an engine or trans so I have never started a 55 buick before, But it sounds like it is the same as my 1949 Roadmaster that I had. with the starter in the floor. Thanks!
  5. I just picked up this parts car yesterday, It has a clear title but no keys, Does any one know a easy way to start it without keys? I was told that it ran good 3 years ago, Thanks!
  6. Sorry I mean 46 caddy parts and multi years he even has several 59 caddy's
  7. I do know a guy in VA who probably has 47 caddy parts from parts cars
  8. Thanks for the info! I am worried about taking the door panel off, I have an all original almost mint interior, But looks like I will have to give it a try and be very careful
  9. I bought these hoping that the rims would fit my 55 Buick, But no luck, and I could not pass them up anyway.I would trade these local in VA for 15 inch tires vintage or a vintage look. These are Remington tires. Still have a lot of good tread. Any one interested?
  10. Is there any good quick fix for stuck locks, My 55 will not lock when I insert the key, it will not turn also, the lock on the inside is stuck, I have tried to spray WD-40 in any opening that I can find. Also the drivers door does not catch, Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Mr Progoofoff I would be interested in that back glass please let me know what you would charge. my email is srhustiene@yahoo.com
  12. Does anyone know if the rear glass on a 1955 Buick special 2 door no post car, Will work with my 55 Buick century 4 door no post car?
  13. Thanks for the info, It is a cool looking tire and never used I will keep it for decoration, The other tires are old also they are from Montgomery Wards
  14. Hi All, I am curious if this spare is the original one or not I am the second owner so I guess it is a good possibility! It is a cushion poly 4 Goodyear tire with a double white line,
  15. Hey Kaycee,Thanks for all the good info, I will try out all you suggested and let you know if it worked.
  16. I just aquired a 55 Buick Century, And I am having trouble moving it around the garage, it feels as if the brakes let the car move but are semi engaged. I tried to take the brake drum off on one wheel and it was on very good so I gave up, Any ideas on how to make my buick a rolling car again? It has not ran in about 15 years if that helps. Thanks
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