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  1. A while back a friend who was in an advanced age had passed away. His beautiful cars, which he restored and owned for many decades were sold off by his family members. A year later I saw his '61 Plymouth convertible being auctioned on eBay. The eBay listing made no mention of my friend or the history of the car. I thought it was very sad how this car, it's story and how the car was so important in my friends life, is now all lost to history. With that in mind, I made this little video on my Corvair Greenbrier. I did this to simply share the story of my van and to memorialize my journey with it. I also invite others to share their car stories so its history and memories can continue long after the car leaves your possession. Chris
  2. Man, great information on limo's. Somehow I struggling with myself on reading up on 1980's Chryslers. You know, it's not the most interesting stuff.
  3. Hahaha. You're great! Yea, this is the replacement for the Desoto. Not quite in the same league but the fun factor is huge. My 12 year old daughter said in jest several weeks ago how cool it would be to go to school in a limo. Well, this isn't really what she had in mind but it's exactly what I'll be picking her up in, once the doodads I bought go on. It's gonna be great although afterwards she may not talk to me for a week. -Chris
  4. Hey Frank, great information. Thanks for sharing so much. -Chris
  5. Mike, yea, she's running really well. The stainless band that holds the muffler down recently broke off so the muffler rattles around but otherwise, she's really a super dependable and reliable ride. When I first got the van 8 years ago I went through the ignition system, did everything in the brake system last year but otherwise, a perfect and carefree vehicle during those 10K miles. It really surprises me. Chris
  6. Oh, that's cool. How long ago did it sell? Looks like a fun and somewhat easy restoration for someone. -Chris
  7. Hey Craig, naw, selling the Desoto wasn't for something noble like a family minivan. Although I certainly need one with four kiddos. You see, I've got this bucket-list of cars I've always wanted and I made a commitment to myself to only keep a play car for one year, fix it up a bit, enjoy it, and move on to the next car on the list. So my time with the Desoto has ended and now someone else gets to enjoy her now. So now, I'm starting a search for another car and I'm casting a wide net as I like so many different things. -Chris
  8. Man, you're great and I appreciate the offer. I've got a bunch of cars I'm interested and they're so varied it's crazy. Once I get my search refined a little better I would certainly appreciate some help. Chris
  9. Paul, this is the first I'm hearing about an AACA Tour. Sounds pretty fun and I think you're right about an opportunity for more filming. Got a link or more info on the tour? I've got a Corvair Greenbrier that would be a great on a road trip!
  10. Hey Mike, thanks. You know, brotha, you can hate the game but don't hate the player! Ha. Thanks for watching and, you're very kind! I used to have a 1958 Dodge Coronet that I restored over 15 years. I loved that car but also realized that there were so many other cars and trucks that I wanted. All my car money was wrapped up in the Dodge. So when I sold it I made a commitment to myself to start going through my car bucket-list and only keep cars for a year. This led me to some pretty awesome cars, trucks and vans, but only the past year did I start recording my car experiences. As for the next car, I've got my eyes on a few different ones but nothing solid yet. I did buy some Crown Vic cop cars today that I'll probably make a video of next week. However, those cars don't really fit in here. I do however have a video planned with my Corvair Greenbrier that should be fun. Kinda like the old "if the van's a rockin" thing. Stay tuned and thanks again. -Chris
  11. I recently sold my 1961 Desoto so I thought I'd make a hokey little video to recap my time with the car and to bid her farewell. Now with the Desoto gone it's time to start the fun searching for the next car! -Chris
  12. Hey, thanks. You must be right about the car being too cool. It certainly wasn't my smoothness that scared them off, hah! Glad you liked the video. I enjoyed making it. A pretty lady in a '57 Ford is hard to resist. The only thing that could make it better would be a Dunkin Donuts coffee roll donut!
  13. Jim thanks. So if it's not the car that's keepin the ladies away, I can't imagine what it could be? Certainly not my smooth pick-up lines and easy-on-the -eyes good looks. I'm glad you liked the video. I wasn't sure how it would come out and if the jokiness nature of it would be apparent. I see those women every Friday night when I volunteer there so I was thrilled when they were cool with me doing this video with them. Thanks. I had a lot of fun doing this video too. You know, since you got to work on a '61 Desoto you're now part of a very elite club. Not many of those cars are around and it seems they turn up in Europe more than in the USA. Thanks. I filmed this video last Friday and got to share it with those women today and each really seemed to enjoy it. They all genuinely seemed to enjoy the car too and I was happy to share it with them. Thanks again. -Chris
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